Navigraph announces Level-D procedures released

Navigraph is proud to announce the release of terminal procedures (SIDs/STARs) for the Level-D 767 addon aircraft. This new addition will significantly enhance the experience of one of the most popular and realistic addons. The terminal procedures will be updated with each AIRAC cycle, every 28 days. After long and hard development work, Navigraph is proud to announce that the Level-D 767 FMS data now includes terminal procedures (SIDs/STARs). This is the first public version of the procedures. While the development team has spent much effort to eliminate bugs and anomalies, there might still be issues that need attention and correction. It is not possible to test every procedure at every airport, so users’ assistance is needed in order to make the final improvements of the data quality.

Users that find any issues or anomalies when using the data should post a report in the Level-D Terminal Procedures section of the Navigraph Support Forum

These reports should be as detailed as possible, and include screen shots, error messages and other supplemental material if possible. Users should make sure to use the search function or browse the forum before posting, in order to avoid duplicates of the same issue. The terminal procedures are available as an option in the regular Level-D installer, which can be downloaded from the Navigraph website:

Additional Information
Navigraph provides updated FMS Data to various addon aircraft, and releases new AIRAC cycles every 28 days. Each cycle costs 20 credits, independent on the number of addons/downloads made during that cycle. Navigraph also offer an annual cycle package (13 cycles) for 200 credits - a 23% discount compared to purchasing each cycle individually. Credits can be charged to the personal Navigraph account, with a minimum of 100 credits for 10 EUR.

FMS Data can be downloaded from


Source: Navigraph
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