Lionheart Creations announces the EPIC LT dynasty flight simulation

The Epic LT / Dynasty package comes in both Flight Simulator FS2004 version, as well as Flight Simulator X. The FSX version is a ‘pure’ FSX model package featuring DDS texture technologies, enabling the virtual pilot to fly in DirectX 10 mode. The package, (both FS9 and FSX) feature a 2D panel and a number of animations and visibility condition parts, such as luggage and tie-down mode features. The sound package also features a nice ‘turbine’ soundmix in the cabin sound mode, as well as new hydraulics and servo sounds. The airfile of the Epic LT / Dynasty is quite polished and well tuned, having been given input by the Chief test pilot and VP of sales at Epic Aircraft Corporation, Mr. Peter Stiles. His direction also helped in the tuning of the PT6-67A Turbine output characteristics, such as temperatures, torque values, prop RPM, etc.

The Garmin glass panel system that feature 2 PFD’s and a center MFD full screen GPS, feature a new ‘easy to manage’ feature where one will not require to navigate the system through various menu’s. This enables a new Garmin system user to become aquainted with the system first. Later, the Epic virtual pilot can purchase a more elaborate system from sim groups such as MindStar so that the panel system traning can be more thorough and ‘extreme’.

The Epic LT package presently features the following

  • Both FS2004 and FSX ‘pure’ models and textures for both simulators
  • Fully animated control surfaces
  • Fully animated prop blades with full feather capabilities
  • Garmin G900X glass panel system with a TruTrak AutoPilot: Maximize Full View PopUp, Pilots PFD Mini GPS Window in the LH Screen, Engine Popup, Fuel Management Popup, Chronometer, Zoomable full screen MFD GPS, Direct To flight programming, Lockable Altitude as well as Preselect Altitude. Same for Heading, On Screen Simplicity clickable area’s such as frequencies, heading, CRS, Transponder
  • Soft glow interior cabin/cockpit illumination, mimicking soft lit overhead lighting
  • Rear lit illumination of the instrumentation and Garmin gauge panel system.
  • Popup rear cabin table when landing gear is retracted.
  • Smooth cabin modelling
  • High resolution textures for extreme detail of interior, panel, and fuselage
  • Animated pilot and copilot that feature ‘roaming sight’
  • Customised sound package with focus to turbine sounds, hydraulics, and servos
  • High realism airfiles that create a realistic Epic LT ‘feel’, derived from feedback from actual Epic LT pilots.
  • 9 Different paint schemes, some featuring different interior textures which match the exterior themes.
  • A popup panel that ‘manages’ features such as wheel chauks, co-pilot, luggage, etc.

Interior Cabin Area
This is the sporty interior of the Epic LT and Dynasty. Note the laquered wooden table which deploys when the landing gear is raised. Note also the modern styling of the interior with a wave shaped arm rest shelf that flows throughout the interior as well as the trim strip, giving the Epic a first class look like that of a prestigious Range Rover.

Virtual Cockpit and Instrument Panel

This is the instrument panel of the Epic LT. Note the elaborate trim and modern styling of the cockpit, outfitted with laquered wood appointments. The glass panel system shown is the Garmin G900x. Note the bottom left screenshot, depicting the ‘boot-up’ system screens on the Garmins which appear for 20 seconds upon system startup.

The PFD and MFD (left and right respectively) feature built in Avionics (COM1, COM2, NAV1, NAV2, Transponder, and ADF), as well as a Mini-GPS map on the left PFD screen, full GPS software on the right MFD screen, and both a Engine EICAS popup window and Fuel Management popup window as well. (See center and top right hand screenshot for EICAS engine readouts, on the left side of the MFD panel. The EICAS is on both the PFD and MFD panels for ease of multiple situations.

This is the sleek, aerodynamic, high performance turboprop Epic LT. Built of pure Carbonfiber, yielding an incredibly low weight, enables this aircraft to attain very high airspeed cruising capabilities.


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