Hawaii Dillingham X presented by Aerosoft

Located on the north shore of O’ahu (Hawaii), a small airfield awaits your visit. Dillingham has a long and wide runway (it used to be a training base for the US Army and they like big runways) but these days it is only used for recreational aviation. The weather conditions and the stunning setting on the ocean shore make it a near perfect location for gliding and parachuting. With this product we tried to get the ‘feel’ of the airfield just right. Dillingham is a relaxed airport, with friendly people who never seem to be in a hurry. The small details all over the airport contribute to making this a new ‘home’ in FSX, a place where your aircraft is based while you explore the wonderful Hawaiian Islands.

Designed by Bill Womack after an extensive visit last winter, it comes clear why Bill has such a large following of GA and bush pilots. He has an incredible eye for detail and the technical knowledge to develop it for FSX.

    * Highly detailed scenery of the airport and its near surroundings
    * Extensive AI Traffic files
    * Pure FSX code, resulting is good frame rates
    * Includes sound effects and animated sea birds
    * All objects (including the many humans) are fully 3D
    * Working windsock
    * Fully compatible with all mesh add-ons we know about
    * Full photographic base for the airfield
    * Pleasant price


Source: Aerosoft
Pictures provided and copyrighted by Aerosoft
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