FS2Crew FeelThere Wilco A320 Edition for FS9 & FSX: Fly your Airbus like a Professional with FS2Crew!

"Our first Airbus Edition ever, and our first major FSX product…a ‘must have’ add-on for all serious Airbus pilots…"

General Product Overview:

  • Fly like a real airline pilot using real Airbus SOPs and checklists in a multi-crew environment!
  • You are the Captain and Pilot Flying (PF). The FO will perform his flows and make calls just like he would in real life. He’ll even fill out a very realistic Takeoff Data Card and hand it to you!
  • The most realistic Airbus experience ever! A must have for serious Airbus pilots!
  • Designed in close consultation with a real-world Airbus pilot to ensure maximum fidelity to actual Airbus procedures!
  • Interact with your First Officer, the FA and the ground crew including Company ops.
  • Experience FS2Crew’s brand-new graphical user interface system. Learn to fly like a Pro quickly and easily!
  • Tackle new situations: Air Rage, Bird Strikes and even Passengers smoking in the Lavatory!
  • Voices recorded by real-world flight and cabin crew. Click here to listen to an audio sample of the Takeoff Safety Brief. (MP3 Format - 161 KB)
  • Comprehensive manual will get you up and running in no time!
  • Features over 2.5 years’ worth of FS2Crew’s dedication to constantly improving our product line and introducing new features to create the most realistic flight simulator experience possible without actually getting your ATPL!
  • Make custom PA announcements to your passengers using a list of over 70 pre-recorded world cities.
  • New systems added to the FeelThere A320: Enhanced Audio Control Panel (ACP) and oxygen test panel.
  • Realistic pushback/start crew with an international, region-specific accent set: American English, UK, French, Spanish and German.
  • Listen to FA Cabin announcements recorded right out of a real airliner!
  • New FS2Crew engineering technology allows you to interface with the simulation using your joystick, your mouse or your keyboard!

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