FS Global 2008: The ultimate scenery upgrade - Six DVD-ROMs with 13Gb brings NASA technology to Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X!

Pilots and Flight1 bring you the biggest and best scenery upgrade yet for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series. FS Global 2008 provides 13Gb of the very latest global terrain data, sourced from NASA’s Space Shuttle missions at the end of 2006. While standard scenery in the Flight Simulator world is rendered with elevation points a massive 1.2km apart, FS Global 2008 provides new ‘mesh terrain’ with points only 76m apart and in some areas such as the Alps this is enhanced to only 19m apart – that’s up to 63x more detail than standard!

No longer will your favorite areas appear a poor representation of real-life – now mountains soar and valleys plunge. Even coastlines and rolling hills are more lifelike, making every flight, wherever you are in the world, a genuine delight. Whether you fly in Flight Simulator 2004 or Flight Simulator X – this is the most complete and detailed scenery upgrade ever.

Much more than an update…
Previous editions of FS Global (going back to Flight Simulator 98) have been consistent favourites with flight simmers. FS Global 2008 is an all new product using the very latest SRTM data (released by NASA in late 2006) plus additional data from various sources. Resolution in some parts has been improved to 19m. This is 4 times better than FS Global 2005 and up to 63 times better than the default Flight Simulator terrain data. And yes, this includes Flight Simulator X. Although the FSX terrain is much improved over FS2004, the ‘high resolution’ terrain coverage in FSX is very small compared to the whole world.

FS Global 2008 ships with individual sets of data for FS2004 and FSX, with the equivalent of 6 DVDs included (the current European edition includes 2 single-sided and 2 double-sided DVD-ROM discs).

FS Global 2008 makes the most of the FSX scenery engine

Microsoft has considerably improved scenery management and interaction of scenery types within FSX. The new scenery engine provides a more detailed and realistic far-distance view, textures adapt better to the mesh, the FSX default scenery is more precise and causes less (optical) conflicts and last but not least FSX offers more functionality for a seamless integration of mesh and vector scenery.

FS Global 2008 (FSX version) makes use of all these enhancements of FSX for a truly incredible upgrade to the simulator’s global scenery!

System Requirements

Windows XP or Vista
Processor – 1.6GHz
Memory – 512Mb
Hard Drive – 13Gb
Video Card – 128Mb

Just a few of the accolades that were written about FS Global 2005…

"FS Global is definitely frame rate friendly" FlightProject.net
"I can’t stress to you how good this package is" FSimCafe.com
"I was in a totally different virtual world… Refreshes places other terrain meshes don’t reach" PC Pilot
"I can really recommend FS Global to everyone, particularly VFR pilots who will find it a real joy to own!" Flugsimulation.com (Award for Innovation)

Source: Flight1
Pictures provided and copyrighted by Flight1

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