Flight1 announces the release of Ultimate Traffic FSX Upgrade

Flight One Software has released an upgrade to their classic Ultimate Traffic product to provide Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX compatibility. This version also ships with a new schedule that is current for the Summer 2007 period, and includes over 100 adjusted repaints to make traffic coverage larger than the original FS2004 version. There are over 350,000 real world flights in the new traffic database.

The product is also the “ultimate” sandbox for AI Traffic generation in Flight Simulator. Included are many tools and utilities that enable the beginner and expert AI traffic hobbyist to get the most out of their AI Traffic environment. Experts can use the advanced tools to create their own traffic environments, even importing or creating their own schedules. Virtual Airline’s can use the tools to have their airlines fly around in the FSX AI traffic system. For beginners, all you have to do is point and click your way to all new traffic in FSX.

400,000+ Real-Time Scheduled Flights - Ultimate Traffic will provide users over 400,000+ scheduled flights based on real airline timetables. These schedules include International, National, Regional, Commuter and even Air Cargo operators. The flight schedules touch every corner of Flight Simulator X world.

100’s of Airlines Worldwide - All that traffic buzzing around the sky wouldn’t be right if you did not support the airlines that fly these scheduled routes. Ultimate Traffic contains over 700 aircraft repaints of various worldwide air carriers, both big and small. The package contains over 40 aircraft model types to provide you with a wide variety of aircraft scenery that adds a unique feel that is only second to you being outside a real airport fence.

3000+ Airports with Traffic - Ultimate Traffic provides users with AI traffic for over 3,000 airports. The end result is an active airport environment, whether you are shooting approaches on 28L at San Francisco International, or flying a virtual load of food supplies to the upper reaches of Alaska.

Aircraft Assignment Tool - This tool gives you a simple point-and-click interface to allow you to manage your AI Traffic library. You can add, delete, and assign aircraft types, with full airline and call sign assignment support for all the scheduled flights. This means that you can add and assign your own library of aircraft that you have collected from the many sources of aircraft on the internet.

Status Board - This additional tool allows you to see what aircraft are currently at an airport, and it looks and functions similarly to the real arrival and departure boards you see at the airports. The board can also be used as a reference tool to create your favorite scheduled flight using the Flight Simulator X flight planner.

Online Updater/Enhancement Tool - Ultimate Traffic is the first flight simulation add-on to provide a ‘one-click’ updater to provide users easy access to download new aircraft, program updates, updated airline schedules, new airport files, and additional aircraft repaints.

Fully Featured Interface - Ultimate Traffic’s interface contains a rivet busting, cornucopia of options that cannot be found anywhere else. The interface was made to handle the needs of both novice users and power users by providing a whole host of options and features.

Text-O-Matic (TOM) - The now "famous" utility allows users to add additional airline liveries of their own creation or those that are shared across the Internet to provide even more airlines and variety in the Ultimate Traffic environment.

Printable Timetables - Ultimate Traffic also provides users with printable airline timetables and the ability to print airport-specific timetables of the AI traffic that are included in the package. These printouts are designed to resemble the timetables that you can find at your local airport, for your favorite airline.

Community Packager - Another utility that is included is a new tool that will allow members of the flight simulator community to share their repaints and additional AFCADs directly with other Ultimate Traffic users. Flight One thanks those who support our products by providing additional repaints for other flight sim users and has included an easy tool for those who wish to share their work with others. The created packages are available for download to fellow users using the Online Updater tool.

Updated Schedule Plus New Liveries We have included included a brand new current traffic schedule that will be valid for Spring/Summer 2007. With this new schedule, we have adjusted our livery list with new repaints. With this, the total painted traffic count is higher in the FSX version compared to the FS2004 version.

Ultimate Traffic is Much More than a Simple Traffic Replacement!
Beginners can simply jump in and compile their traffic, but for those that enjoy the hobby of AI traffic, we have many tools to help you do this. Even if we did not ship any models or liveries, you could use our tools to build an advanced traffic system based on the included real-world traffic schedule, or your own custom schedule.Below is a list of the tools available via the Ultimate Traffic Utilities interface:

Aircraft Assignment Utility - As mentioned above, you can add and control your own libraries of aircraft, that you have obtained from any source including the Internet, and have them fly the real-world airline schedules or even your own schedules.

Aircraft Parking Assignment Utility - Allows you to change the parking types and codes for each of your aircraft, thereby customizing where your aircraft will park at an airport. Airport Assignment Utility - Allows you to modify the parking rules for each airport used by Ultimate Traffic AI Aircraft. You may assign overlays to airports to allow only specific traffic to go to certain terminals, or to control which type of aircraft land on which runways. You may also assign which airlines are allowed to operate within a given overlay, from the Airport Assignment Utility. Tail Numbers Rules Wizard - Allows you to customize the tail numbers for each airline available within Ultimate Traffic.

Text-o-Matic - The Text-o-Matic Utility is provided to allow you to convert a full color bitmap image into a Flight Simulator formatted texture file. This utility is provided to help repainters convert their textures into the correct format."

Airline Import Utility - Allows you to completely import an airline into Ultimate Traffic. This will allow you to view the airline on the Status Board, Route Map, and print TimeTables for the airline. This is great if you are part of a virtual airline and you want your airline to be flying along with all the other FSX traffic using your virtual airline timetables.

Package Wizard - Allows you to share any files you might have created for Ultimate Traffic. If you have created a new aircraft repaint, you can use the Package Wizard to upload the file to a special Ultimate Traffic server, and share your work with others via the Updater utility.

Repaint List - If you would like to generate a list of all the airline aircraft within Ultimate Traffic, use the Repaint List button. The list includes the aircraft models being used and the status of the paint scheme of the aircraft.


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