Flight One presents the Greatest V-Bomber Of Them All: The Vulcan

The famous Vulcan-to-the-Sky XH558, Falklands war, Blue Steel nuclear and Tanker variants are included plus period scenery of RAF Cottesmore. The Avro Vulcan’s powerful lines and distinctive shape make it an icon of cold-war aviation. The Vulcan first flew in 1952 and its varied life is shown in RAF Vulcan from the testing of Britain’s nuclear deterrents to its vital role in helping re-capture the Falklands in 1982. Included is period scenery of RAF Cottesmore and even a repaint kit to allow you create your own liveries. Thanks to the tireless efforts of many people and a Heritage Lottery Fund grant, XH558 is due to return to the sky once more, but FS2004/2002 pilots can avoid the wait with RAF Vulcan now!

There are four variants of XH558 included, covering its appearance in 1960, 1970, 1981 and the present day. RAF Vulcan also comes with six other Vulcan examples in different Squadron liveries and with different model variations, including the 2K Tanker variant.

Included Aircraft

  • Vulcan B2 XH558 current.
  • Vulcan B2 XH558 1960 230 OCU.
  • Vulcan B2 XH558 1970 230 OCU.
  • Vulcan B2 XH558 1981 27 Sqdn.
  • Vulcan B2 XL321 617 Sqdn - Blue Steel nuclear missile.
  • Vulcan B2 XL443 Scampton Wing 1969 - Blue Steel nuclear missile.
  • Vulcan B2K XH561 50 Sqdn Falklands War air-to-air tanker.
  • Vulcan B2 XH537 230 OCU 1960`s Skybolt nuclear missile.
  • Vulcan B2 XM597 101 Sqdn Falklands War - Shrike missiles "Black Buck".
  • Vulcan B2 XM612 101 Sqdn 1979.

Full of Detail
Fully detailed virtual cockpit comes with 3D-modelled reflective glass windows, hi-res gauges; animated control stick, rudder pedal and throttle levers plus there’s also a superb 2D panel.

Each variant is accurately modeled to show the correct details of its period and usage. Moving parts include landing gear, flight surfaces, air brakes, engine fans, bomb doors, crew hatch, braking parachute and more…

Fully licensed by the RAF and a proportion of the sale price from RAF Vulcan will be donated to Vulcan To The Sky to help XH558 fly again!


Source: Flight1
Pictures provided and copyrighted by Flight1
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