DreamScenery presents the new Milwaukee 2006 scenery

Milwaukee 2006 brings this midwestern city and its surroundings to the flight simulation world and depicting it as closer to reality as it gets.

For those of you who always wished to see this great city, the beer capital of world, or for those of you who make regular flights to this beautiful place of the dairy state either because you are a member of a virtual airline or you just enjoy visiting it; for the first time will be able to see it as it looks like in real life.

Since this scenery is made of photoreal terrain textures of 1m/px, its rendition comes closer to real life and you will be able to recognize land objects and buildings easier.

Some of the features of Milwaukee 2006:

    • Phototerrain textures of 1m/px of all Milwaukee county and parts of sorrounding counties (like Waukesha and Racine), making it look more realistic as ever.
    • Full seasonal and night photoreal textures all with a ratio of 1m/px.
    • The airports of the area.
    • Special attention given to General Mitchell Airport (KMKE) and Timmerman Airport (KMWC) being so realistic you won’t believe your eyes. For example in KMKE among its features we count:

       1. All the airport terminals (International main terminal, Cargo, International arrivals, etc.).
       2. Dynamic Jetways in main terminal and International arrivals terminal. All of them with dynamic realistic movements (frequency controlled).
       3. Terminal ground facility vehicles in both, main terminal as well as in cargo area. All of them with realistic movements (frequency controlled).
       4. All the airport hangars, most of them with frequency controlled opening doors and making the hangars usable.
       5. Taxiway and runway details like custom textures, grass around runways, signage, lights, etc.
       6. For the first time you’ll have the feature of ice accumulation in the runways for those heavy winter days which hit Wisconsin from January thru March.
       7. Terminal interiors.
       8. Static objects like cars, terminal vehicles, containers and much more.
       9. Dynamic scenery (airport ground vehicles as well as cars coming back and forth from the airport drop off area, as well as going through the streets and avenues around the airport.
      10. Real buildings and vegetation around the airport zone (hotels, industrial, commercial, residential, landmarks, trailer homes, etc.) making you feel like being there.

    • All of the city skyscrapers (buildings of 12 and more stories).
    • Hundreeds of real buildings of less than 12 stories.
    • All the Milwaukee major landmarks.
    • Autogen scenery respecting each area’s architecture style so making it more realistic.

    Since the idea of this scenery is to flight around Milwaukee and its surroundings and enjoy each corner of the area up to the most hidden places we added all the most important airports of the area covered; also besides the KMKE realistic rendition we made also special emphasis in Timmerman airport (KMWC) since the best way to enjoy this scenery is with small general aviation planes (ie: Cessna 182S, Piper PA 11, etc) and this airport is the best one to use as a base of your trips. The level of detail of this airport and its surroundings is astonishing it has been done as accurate as possible, runways, buildings, terminals, working hangars, ground facility vehicle, surrounding neighborhoods (for those who visited it in real life will feel so familiar since you are going to find everything you’d expect in real life.

    Finally in a city were famous landmarks and important buildings abound, they couldn’t be passed over. So, starting up from the famous US Bank Center (the tallest building in Milwaukee) all the buildings of more than twelve stories in the city have been represented as well as other hundreds of real buildings, homes, hospitals, hotels, famous inns, churches, bridges, famous landmarks, historic buildings, even trailer homes and you name it located all around the town. Accordingly you’ll be able to enjoy Milwaukee as never before.

    After Indianapolis this is the second midwestern city we cover and a very important one since it represents a huge industrial and commercial center for the Michigan lake area; as well as being the second largest of this same area after Chicago (just 90 miles or 145 kms south) with a population of 1.8 million. So if you are of those who use as homeland Chicago to make your flights, take it for granted that this is a great place to visit just 30 minutes away of flight with a Cessna 182 from Meigs.


    • Pentium 4 1.7 GHz
    • 512 MB RAM DDR
    • 800 MB of available space on the hard disk
    • Sound card
    • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (it has not been proved with older versions so officially this is the required version and accordingly the only one this scenery was made for)
    • Adobe Acrobat® Reader 5 to read and/or print this manual (available for free at http://www.adobe.com/prodindex/acrobat/readstep.html )
    • A 3D video board with 128MB of RAM and a 1GHz CPU are highly recommended.

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    Source: DreamScenery
    Pictures provided & copyrighted by DreamScenery

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