Australian simulation presentes Piper Warrior V2.0

The Australian Simulation Piper Warrior for Flight Simulator X and Flight Simulator 2004 is back and better than ever! The award winning Piper Warrior II/III pack is now completely compatible with Flight Simulator X as well as Flight Simulator 2004, and existing customers get this upgrade absolutely free. This package was designed to please all general aviation enthusiasts, from novice aviators, to seasoned veterans of the sky. Most pilots have either trained in the famous Piper Warrior, or at least flown them at some point. The Australian Simulation Piper Warrior package will be sure to please all fans of the PA28 series. The base package comes with 2 main variants, an old and tired Warrior II with authentic worn instruments, and a brand new, straight off the showroom floor Piper Warrior III. The latter features a dream fit out with some of the most advanced avionics you would find in a small general aviation aircraft.

Tested by Pilots with over 500 hours combined flying Warriors, the aircraft fly’s just like the real PA28. Accurately modeled Climb, Cruise, Stall (including induced spin) and glide characteristics allow for complete simulation of real flying/training excesses.

The 3 dimensional model created for the exterior of the Piper Warrior was modeled using some of the most advanced modeling software currently available. Whilst keeping the balance between polygon count and detail, we feel we have pleased both masters.

A custom, realistic stereo sound package is included, as well as many texture sets to mimic real world PA28’s. A custom configuration editor is included, and will allow the user to adjust things such as load settings, as well as a host of other visual options for the aircraft.

We have gone to great lengths to take full advantage of the new animation options available in the latest version of Microsoft™ Flight Simulator. Every moving part of the aircraft has been animated. You can pop the hood, and see the engine vibrating, open the storm window, passenger and cargo doors, you name it, this aircraft does it!

The materials used to skin the 3D model have been optimized for a realistic look and feel. Light shading and ‘dynamic shine’ have been specially crafted to allow the light to reflect the sun accurately. Reflection maps have been built into the textures to allow environmental reflections, and damage textures have been implemented that display if and when you damage the aircraft, although usually damage also results in parts falling off the aircraft!

  • FS-X and FS2004 versions included (seperate downloads)
  • Detailed individual 3D models for both Warrior II and Warrior III variations
  • Accurate Flight Dynamics - tested by real world and simulator pilots
  • 6 Paint schemes - more available for free via download
  • Aircraft Control Panel Software - completely redesigned ACP program with new features

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