Aerosoft presents: TSR Autobrake - a Tool offering a professional simulation of an Autobrake System for the advanced pilot

The Autobrake system controls the deceleration in dependence of different conditions during the braking phase for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and 2004. The touchdown and the braking stage is the most complex operation in any flight, seen from a dynamics point of view. From a flying object, the aircraft now is a rolling vehicle but still has a lot of lift. It also needs to slow down enough to exit the runway in a neat fashion. For a large airliner loaded with people and cargo this is an extremely difficult task that is handled by complex systems. It also covers many pages in the flight manual where tables tell the pilot if the runway is long enough. Get it wrong and things get very exciting.

Now FS2004 and FSX make it all seen very simple, the aircraft seem to be grabbed by the ground, there is instant grip and braking is mostly an on/off switch. No matter if there is a foot of snow or if the runway is warm, clean and dry, braking is always easy. It is horribly simulated in Flight Simulator. Enter TSR Autobrake and understand why runway length becomes a real worry!

TSR Autobrake is an external program that connects to the FlightSimulator through FSUIPC and is a close simulation of the actual Autobrake systems found in all large aircraft. It knows about the runway condition by reading the weather and will make all braking distances fully realistic while giving the pilot the feedback of a slippery runway when that is appropriate.

TSR Autobrake is directly intended for the advanced simmers who demand ultimate realism and should be part of any (semi professional) cockpit setup.


  • 6 Position Autobrake System for Boeing 737 RTO / OFF / AB-1 / AB-2 / AB-3 / AB-MAX
  • 6 Position Autobrake System for Boeing 777 / 747 RTO / OFF / AB-1 / AB-2 / AB-3 / AB-MAX
  • 8 Position Autobrake System for Boeing 777 / 747 RTO / OFF / DISARM / AB-1 / AB-2 / AB-3 / AB-4 / AB-MAX
  • 3 /4 Position Autobrake System for Airbus OFF / LOW / MED / MAX
  • 6 Position Autobrake System for up to 4 Custom defined A/C’s RTO / OFF / AB-1 / AB-2 / AB-3 / AB-MAX
  • Brake distance will depend on weather factor (rain and snow)
  • Slippery runways with effects as skidding and reduced directional control
  • Manual braking disarms the Autobrake system
  • Hydraulic pressure Display, Brakeaccu charged by running engines
  • Self recognition of pmSystems (Project Magenta) and using of its Hydraulic system for charging the Brakeaccu
  • Will work on any aircraft. (RTO already at 45kto active, therefore for every A/C type useable as a Piper J3 up to the Airbus 380)
  • Manual and software in English and German

System requirements:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X (SP1 / SP2 compatible)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
  • Windows XP/Vista
  • Registered version of the FSUIPC (payware!)
  • Pentium/Athlon 2 GHz
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 3D graphics card
  • Download-Size: 5 MB
  • Installation-Size: 5 MB


Source: Aerosoft
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