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Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of advanced helicopters for commercial, industrial and military uses.
Sikorsky helicopters occupy a prominent position in the intermediate to heavy range of 11,700 lb (5,300 kg) to 73,500 lb (33,000 kg) gross weight. They are used by all five branches of the United States armed forces, along with military services and commercial operators in 40 nations.
Based in Stratford, Connecticut, Sikorsky has major facilities in other Connecticut locations as well as in Florida, Alabama and Wisconsin. Revenues in 2003 were $2.1 billion.
Sikorsky is leading an international team to produce the S-92 helicopter and its military variant, the H-92. U.S. Federal Aviation Administration certified the S-92 in 2002, with FAA executives calling the S-92 "the world’s safest helicopter."


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