Flight Design


Sielmingerstrasse 65
D-70771 - L.-Echterdingen
Tel.: 00 49 (0) 711 902 87-0


For 25 years, the owners of FLIGHT DESIGN are working in air sports as professionals. In the early 80’s we started with Ultra Lights when they came up. From paragliders to motor planes, they design and produce everything and - more important - they fly everything ourselves.

In the brain trust of our company you’ll find more than 15 engineers working on new projects. Therefore the experience finally allows them to create aeronautical innovations, from pilots for pilots.

Innovations and productions are made in their own companies. Hi-Tech-products with future potential and safety character are responsible for the growth of our company in the last 15 years, with at the moment more than 300 people working in different countries.

FLIGHT DESIGN has always offered leading products in the market sector of air sports up to composite aircrafts.




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