Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA)


Saturnusstraat 8-10
PO Box 3000 2130 KA Hoofddorp
The Netherlands
Phone Number: 00 31 23 5679 741
The JAA is a registered trust based in Holland and is funded by its members. The individual JAA National Aviation Authorities, as contracting states to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), still retain, for their state, full responsibility for the standards and recommended practices designated in each ICAO annex. Consequently, the United Kingdom Civilian Aviation Authority (UKCAA) still retains full responsibility for the issue of all UK approvals, certificates and licenses, even though they may have been issued against a requirement issued by the JAA. The JAA is responsible for administration and technical implementation of the arrangements document, signed by the member states in Cyprus in 1990, which commits them to co-operate in all aspects related to aircraft safety. The document (Cyprus 11 September 1990) is concerned with the development, acceptance and implementation of Joint Aviation requirements for aircraft design, manufacture, continued airworthiness and a consistent level of safety throughout the member states.


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