Flight Safety Foundation (FSF)


601 Madison Street, Suite 300
Alexandria, VirginiaU.S. 22314-1756
Phone Number: 00 1 703 739 6700
Flight Safety Foundation is an independent, non-profit, international organization engaged in research, auditing, education, advocacy and publishing to improve aviation safety. The Foundation’s mission is to pursue the continuous improvement of global aviation safety and the prevention of accidents.

The Foundation’s objectives are to:
  • Pursue the active involvement and participation of the diverse elements of global professional aviation;
  • Anticipate, identify and analyze global aviation safety issues and set priorities;
  • Communicate effectively about aviation safety; and,
  • Be a catalyst for action and the adoption of best aviation safety practices.
Often referred to as the “conscience of the industry,” the Foundation has contributed significantly to the evolution of aviation safety and the saving of lives. The Foundation occupies a unique position among the many organizations that strive to improve flight safety standards and practices throughout the world. Effectiveness in bridging cultural and political differences in the common cause of safety has earned the Foundation worldwide respect. The Foundation is distinguished by its objectivity. While interacting with others in the aviation industry, the Foundation is independent of government and commercial organizations.



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