EUROCAE - The European Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment


17, rue Hamelin
75783 Paris Cedex 16
Phone Number: 00 33 1 45 057188
EUROCAE, a non-profit Association, was established in 1963 in Lucerne (Switzerland) on the initiative of European aviation equipments manufacturers. Since the 1960’s, EUROCAE’s main activity has been the design and production of standards, technical specifications and other documents, which are used as the basis for European National Airworthiness Authorities regulations to the benefit of the aviation community as a whole. In recent years EUROCAE has extended its remit to include ground systems as well as airborne systems. This approach recognises the increasing level of integration of ground and airborne equipment and the need for standards to encompass the complete service delivery chain. This level of system integration, being increasingly extended across the airport and airline domains, has led EUROCAE to anticipate and start works in these areas.


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