MS Composit


Tursko 37,
Czech Republic
Phone Number: 00 420 - 315 704 052
Established in 1992, MS Composit - Modelsport (MS) Company started production of carbon composite rotor blades for RC model helicopters. Due to extreme care MS pays to the development and manufacturing, MS Composit brand blades quickly became well known. Firstly for its excellent performance, secondly for unusual blade design, which leaves the inner blade structure visible, exposing each and every production flaw (so there can not be any). Many world leading pilots, both in FAI and 3D competitions use MS Composite rotor blades.
In 1999, MS Composit-Modelsport introduced its own micro-helicopter “Hornet". This model immediately became popular due to its flying capabilities, low price and low cost of ownership. Until today, “Hornet" has unbeatable flight behaviour.
Since 1999, new members of the Hornet family were introduced: Hornet Schweizer 300 Semi-scale body (awarded “Model of the Year 2001"), Hornet Dynamic fuselage and the Hornet NT (No Tail) version.


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