Royal Australian Air Forces (RAAF)


Phone Number: 00 61 2 6265 3343
The Royal Australian Air Force stands for:
- Delivery of effective, precision aerospace power;
- Defence of Australia’s people, security and interests;
The Royal Australian Air Force aims to:
- Be a professional, highly motivated and dedicated team;
- Develop and support its people;
- Be a safe and equitable place to work.
The Royal Australian Air Force expects that its people will:
- Display honest commitment to the Royal Australian Air Force Values.
- Strive for excellence as both leaders and followers. - Be fair to and respect the rights of others.
- Encourage diversity in all its forms.
- Balance work and personal commitments, including family and relationships, for themselves and those they work with.
- Work together as a team.
- Communicate in an open and honest manner.
- Be capability focussed and operationally ready.
- Be professional and innovative.
- Be recognised for their loyalty, integrity and determination.
- Serve with pride and dedication.



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