Todd Duncan Named Chairman Of Duncan Aviation

LINCOLN, NEB. - Duncan Aviation is pleased to announce that today Todd Duncan assumes his new position as Chairman of Duncan Aviation as current Chairman Robert Duncan retires, becoming Chairman Emeritus. Todd Duncan has worked at Duncan Aviation for 20 years, most recently as Co-Chairman and President of its Components Services division.  Robert Duncan retired from his role as Duncan Aviation Chairman on Sept. 24, his 65th birthday. After growing up around Duncan Aviation and holding positions throughout the company during its first decade, Robert was named President of Duncan Aviation 1968.

"I am excited about this change for Duncan Aviation and for Todd," Robert says. "Knowing his deep love of aviation and commitment to Duncan Aviation, he will do a wonderful job. He has experienced many of the same transitions in his career that I have. He has developed trust and relationships throughout the industry. Most importantly, he understands the importance of retaining quality people, taking care of the customer and working together as a team."

"I have grown up with Duncan Aviation and the aviation industry we proudly serve and I am confident that Duncan Aviation is on the right course," Todd says. "Part of my job going forward will be to maintain that course and to enhance the Duncan Aviation experience for customers, team members and our general industry. I’m looking forward to my tenure as Chairman and being a part of our continued growth. Buckle up because I’m confident it will be a grand ride!"

Duncan Aviation is an aircraft service provider with more than 1,900 employees supporting the aviation needs of government and business operators and other service providers. These services include airframe, engine, avionics installations, interior and paint completions/modifications, avionics/instrument and accessory/propeller repair/overhaul and parts support. Complete service facilities are located in Lincoln, Neb., and Battle Creek, Mich. Additional locations include satellite avionics facilities located throughout the United States and Lincoln-based Parts, Components & Services, a division that repairs, exchanges and consigns avionics, accessories, instruments and parts to aircraft operators and service organizations worldwide.


Source: Duncan Aviation
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