NEIVA’s IPANEMA Crop Duster wins Scientific American Award

Ethanol-fueled crop duster recognized as one of the 50 best inventions in 2005 São José dos Campos, December 28, 2005 – Neiva’s Ipanema ethanol-fueled crop duster aircraft won this year’s Scientific American 50 Award. The Ipanema appears in the December issue of the respected Scientific American magazine as one of the 50 best inventions of 2005 worldwide.

In naming 2005 winners, the magazine’s editors, along with expert advisors, identified noteworthy trends in technology in a number of research fields.

“With oil prices at record levels, pollution limits in place at many airports and the threat of emission-control regulations, the global aviation industry has good reason to embrace alternative fuel technology,” noted the article about Neiva’s crop duster aircraft. The Ipanema is the world’s first series production aircraft coming out of the factory certified for flying with ethanol.

Ethanol is three to four times cheaper than aviation gasoline and Ipanema’s piston engine is cleaner because the fuel produces less residuals. The use of ethanol also improves the Ipanema’s overall performance, and reduces operating and maintenance costs.

The Ipanema originally burned aviation gasoline and Neiva, a subsidiary of Embraer, sells the conversion kit for farmers interested in switching to ethanol. In 2005, the Ipanema crop duster won two awards, the prestigious Flight International Aerospace Industry Award in the General Aviation category, and the Melhores da Terra (Best from the Earth) from the Gerdau group in Brazil.

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