Mooney Acclaim - Type S Increases Top Speed to 242 Knots: Aerodynamic Enhancements Yield Speed Increase, New Designation for World’s Fastest Single - Mooney Acclaim–Type S - Mooney’s Performance Leader Increases Top Speed to 242 Knots

Kerrville, TX—Mooney Airplane Company has announced that the world’s fastest piston single is now even faster.  Thanks to a combination of aerodynamic refinements, the latest version of the Acclaim will now fly at a top speed of 242 knots and be known as the Acclaim-Type S.  The 280 horsepower, turbo-normalized Acclaim, which established a new standard for aircraft in its class with a speed of 237 knots when it received its Federal Aviation Administration certification in December of 2006, has set a number of speed records since entering service.  To date, more than 50 have been delivered.

“The Acclaim rightfully claimed the title of ’the fastest production piston single in the world’ when it was introduced.  Its performance in the air and in the marketplace ensured that the airplane lived up to its name,” stated David Copeland, Mooney’s vice president of sales and marketing.  “But its speed advantage over the competition has now been increased, resulting in two new titles— the Type S and ‘the best Mooney ever.’  The Mooney Acclaim-Type S is unquestionably the fastest single…period,” he added.

Priced at $599,500, deliveries of the Acclaim-Type S are forecast to commence during the first quarter of 2008. Powered by a Teledyne Continental Motors IO 550-G engine, it is equipped with dual Kelly Aerospace turbochargers that allow it to maintain sea level manifold pressure all the way to its service ceiling of 25,000 feet.  “The Type S has benefited from a series of refinements that, by themselves, wouldn’t appear to be significant, but taken together, have notably increased its performance.  We have added some impressive new engineering talent during the past year and have tested and incorporated their refinements into this updated design,” Copeland pointed out.

“Obviously, we’re proud of the airplane’s amazing performance at altitude,” he noted. “We realize that most of the time its flown at lower flight levels.  But, even at a cruising altitude of 16,000 feet, the Acclaim-Type S exceeds 220 KTAS.”

The latest version of the world’s fastest single is equipped with Garmin’s G1000 avionics suite and GFC 700 autopilot as standard.  A TKS anti-icing system is also available, making it the only airplane in its class approved for flight into known icing conditions.


Source: Mooney
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