LISA Airplanes presents the Akoya seaplane, a luxury leisure plane

France-based LISA Airplanes (where Lisa stands for Light Innovative Sport Aircraft) is expecting to fly the first example of its Akoya light aircraft, which is intended to be the "only aircraft able to land on the ground, water and snow".

LISA Airplanes was founded by Erick HERZBERGER and Luc BERNOLE with the intention to create an ambitious enterprise in the field of leisure aviation. From the start, their vocation was to become one of the major international manufacturers in the sector, providing their clients with safe, innovative and high-performance airplanes as well as a quality service. Convinced that the success of our enterprise relies on multiple skills, the founders put together a team of twelve interfacing with technical laboratories, leading-edge industrials and international development partners.

LISA Airplanes develops its aircraft within Savoy Technolac, a high tech business area close to the airport of Chambéry/Aix.

Top-of-the-range positioning…

LISA Airplanes created a new market segment within the range of the small leisure planes and target the market of the very light private jets.
Akoya is an Ultra Light Motorized aircraft. However, LISA Airplanes wishes to be distinguished of the light and sportive planes, thanks to the many technological innovations and the versatility of the Akoya. The manufacturer chose the ULM classification in order to take the advantage a less constraining regulation.
Neither a tourism plane, nor a business jet, the Akoya will be a means of top-of-the-range escape, the must of technology and tendencies.

… for an identified market

Akoya satisfies fans of leisure aviation, already owners of small aircraft and eager to acquire a different and MULTIACCESS aircraft.

It is also dedicated to the frequent travellers who appreciate the flexibility of the business jet in their professional trips and wish to find same freedom for their private trips.

Accessible, simple of use and safe, the Akoya is also meant for the beautiful mechanics lovers, neophytes of aviation.

To make life easier, the company is planning to include the price of your ULM (microlight) licence in with the approx €300,000 which is the working price. As they point out, this will allow the manufacturer to train the pilot on the aircraft which he will be flying.

The Akoya seaplane: a portfolio of patented innovations

The fine lines of the Akoya, entirely made of composite materials, combine aerodynamic properties with good looks. For a better flexibility and always more safety, LISA Airplanes equipped the Akoya with new systems.

This only aircraft able to land on the ground, water and snow concentrates the assets of the helicopter and the seaplane! The Akoya is delivered with a footbridge giving access a pontoon, once landed on water. It brings flying lovers and water enthusiasts together, with an eye on elegance…

Take-off from near your yacht, fly to the airfield of your private property, or perhaps change direction mid-flight and visit the mountains…
This is all possible for those who possess an AKOYA, thanks to the MultiAccess concept of LISA Airplanes.

The Ri&Flex Wing system allows short takeoffs and landings. It allows you to make steep approaches to avoid obstacles around the runway. At low speeds, in case of stall, the wing’s characteristics give the plane a “natural” behavior without any brutal stalling.

When retracted, the Ri&Flex Wing works in conjunction with the aerodynamic fuselage to make the AKOYA insensible to gusting winds and a delight to pilot. These are essential qualities in case of engine failure. The combination of a rigid carbon wing and a flexible textile flap allows the craft to take-off and land in less than 330 feet, whilst ensuring the highest cruising speeds.

When the textile is opened out, the surface of the wing is increased by nearly 70 % and a camber is created. The performance and optimization of the Ri&Flex Wing were obtained from wind-tunnel tests on the ONERA premises and precise digital simulations. The high-performance textile is tear-proof and resistant to hostile environments, such as saline ones.

To protect you in any delicate situation, the AKOYA is fitted with the ultimate safety device: a parachute that ensures you and the machine a soft landing. Load the AKOYA on to your yacht… or easily store it in a hangar.

The AKOYA also uses another patented innovation from LISA Airplanes. The combination of two hydrofoils in the shape of an inverted V and retractable landing-gear make for performance over and above classic water planes. The hydrofoils, combined with the high lift of the Ri&Flex Wing, lift the fuselage out of the water at very low speed and dispense with the need for a step or fairing. This allows the plane to accelerate and take-off over short distances. This system of hydrofoils enables the fuselage to be very aerodynamic making the AKOYA the first plane to be both agile in water and fast in the air.


  • The only aircraft able to land on the ground, water and snow.
  • Panoramic vision at 180°
  • Pivoting wing, retractable skis in flight
  • Integral parachute
  • Landing and takeoff in less than 330 feet
  • Range: 1,500 km
  • Maximum speed: 300km/h
  • Engine: Rotax 912S 100 ch.
  • Maxi take-off weight: 495 kg
  • Pilot license and complete training included


Source: Pascale Nizet - Press Officer
Aeronautical Communication Consulting

For further information please contact
[email protected]

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