Key Power8 milestone achieved: Airbus implements new, fully integrated and trans-national organisation

The Airbus top management team completed a series of large management briefing sessions at its major sites Toulouse, Hamburg, Filton and Gefafe and via world-wide video-conferences dedicated to present and explain the details of the fully integrated and trans-national “New Airbus” organization. The new organization went live on 1st October and will be fully implemented before the end of the year.  “The New Airbus organization is a strong enabler for more and better integration, cross-border collaboration, faster decision-making and harmonized tolls and processes,” explained Airbus President and CEO Tom Enders.

Airbus will now have only one single trans-national leader per function, who will be relying on all talents, wherever they are located. From now on and starting with the A350 programme, it will have truly integrated and harmonised processes, methods and tools throughout the company, based on best practice and expertise. The most significant step in this direction is the reduction of the former seven mostly national Centres of Excellence to only four totally trans-national entities. 

Furthermore, the new organisation is leaner and allows for the reduction of management layers. This will lead to fewer interfaces, clearer accountability and faster decision-making processes.

“The new leaner and more efficient organisation is a key contributor to the successful implementation of Power 8,” said Fabrice Brégier, Airbus COO and in charge of the Power8 programme.

Work on integrated platforms (“plateaux”) ensures a high level of collaborative work across all functions within Airbus involving from the start the relevant representatives of the same function from across the company as well as partners and suppliers. This concept is already in implementation for the A350, thus contributing to a more efficient and integrated way of working.

Major changes are expected from the creation of a number of new transnational units in Engineering, Manufacturing and Programmes enhancing the company’s ability to act as aircraft architect at design, industrialization and supply chain levels.

In order to integrate the National Entities (NatCos) in the daily life of Airbus, National Representatives will be members of the Airbus Executive Committee. Fabrice Brégier for France, Gerald Weber for Germany, and Tom Williams for the UK. Manuel Hita-Romero remains the National Representative in Spain and reports, like the other National Representatives, in this function directly to Tom Enders. They will be supported by country managers at their main sites.

“The organization is only a first but key step for Airbus to achieve a stronger position to deliver to our customers and to our shareholders on cost, on quality and on time,” said Airbus CEO Tom Enders.

Source: Airbus
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