Gulfstream G200 maintenance program receives approval from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Civil Aviation Administration of Israel: New G200 MSG-3 Reduces Operator Expenses, Increases Aircraft Availability

SAVANNAH,Ga., Aug 1, 2006 –  Gulfstream Aerospace received approval for a new version of its G200 MSG-3 scheduled maintenance program, from both the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration and the Civil Aviation Administration of Israel on May 25 and May 29, respectively. The new MSG-3 program significantly reduces the number of required scheduled maintenance tasks while retaining the highest level of safety standards as defined by Federal Aviation Regulations ( FARs ). MSG-3 is the acronym for the Maintenance Steering Group – 3 rd Task Force, which developed the industry standard process to evaluate maintenance programs. Using historical reliability data of the G200, the new MSG-3 program continues to maintain aircraft reliability while extending maintenance intervals.

“With extended intervals between maintenance checks and fewer required tasks, the G200 MSG-3 program significantly reduces an aircraft owner’s operating expenses while increasing the aircraft’s availability,” said Larry Flynn, president, product support, Gulfstream Aerospace.

Operators whose G200 business jets are maintained through the new G200 MSG-3 program significantly extend their maintenance intervals to 500 flight hours for an “A” check and every 12 months for a “C” check. In comparison, G200 aircraft maintained under the previous maintenance program were required to go in for service every 300 flight hours.

The new MSG-3 program’s emphasis on safety also allowed for a reduction in the number of Certification Maintenance Requirements, those essential tasks required to maintain airworthiness, from 40 tasks to seven.

G200 operators who fly their aircraft an average of 1,000 hours a year and adopt the new G200 MSG-3 program will reduce the number of scheduled maintenance tasks from 455 to 72 in the first year alone. Over a four-year period, the tasks would be reduced from 2,161 to 464.

Gulfstream has developed a no-cost service bulletin, SB 200-05-280, for G200 operators who wish to convert their aircraft to the new MSG-3 scheduled maintenance program.

The new G200 MSG-3 program was developed with the same methodology as Gulfstream’s existing MSG programs for GV-series aircraft – G550, G500 and GV; GIV-series aircraft – G450, G350, G400, G300, GIV-SP, GIV; and the Gulfstream G150, which will enter service this quarter.


Source: Gulfstream
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