Gulfstream adds authorized warranty repair facility in Madrid, Spain: CORJET Europe Is 10th Such Facility Worldwide

SAVANNAH, Ga., September 18, 2008 –Gulfstream Aerospace, a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics (NYSE: GD), has added CORJET Europe in Madrid, Spain, as a Gulfstream Authorized Warranty Repair Facility. This is the result of an agreement signed recently by Gulfstream and CORJET Europe. CORJET Europe is a joint venture between Iberia Group and Gestair Group, both of which are based in Spain. The Madrid-based CORJET Europe facility currently services the Gulfstream G550, G200, GV, GIV-SP and GIV aircraft. In addition to basic line maintenance, Gulfstream Authorized Warranty Repair Facilities provide detailed maintenance services, including scheduled maintenance checks and inspections. Maintenance on Gulfstream aircraft in fulfillment of Gulfstream’s manufacturer’s warranties is also performed.

“We are pleased to welcome CORJET Europe to the Gulfstream family,” said Mark Burns, president, Product Support, Gulfstream. “Adding a maintenance center in southwestern Europe allows us to provide the full range of services to our operators traveling in and through that area.  It’s an opportunity for us to give our customers the extra level of service they expect from Gulfstream.”

The Madrid maintenance center joins Gulfstream Authorized Warranty Repair facilities in Waterford, Mich.; Hannover, Germany; Geneva, Basel and Altenrhein, Switzerland; Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Tel Aviv, Israel; Hong Kong and Singapore.


Source: Gulfstream
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