Duncan Aviation Completes First Ever Honeywell AFGS Upgrade in a Falcon 900B

LINCON, NEB - Duncan Aviation’s Glass Box Project recently added to its extensive lineup with the installation and certification of the Honeywell Advanced File Graphics Server (AFGS) upgrade in a Falcon 900B. The AFGS is a computing platform bringing advanced graphics generation capabilities, such as electronic charts and uplinked weather, together with mass data storage to allow for the operation of flight display applications. Duncan Aviation had recently equipped this Falcon 900B with Honeywell’s Primus Epic CDS/R solution, a 4-display major panel retrofit. This aircraft is one of 14 CDS/R installations Duncan Aviation has recently completed or plans to complete this year. Duncan Aviation has installed the system in the following aircraft models: Hawker 800A, Hawker 1000, Gulfstream GIII, and Falcon 900B. Duncan Aviation also plans to complete the CDS/R installation with the AFGS upgrade in a Challenger 601-3A this year.

"Through an unprecedented amount of teamwork between Honeywell and Duncan Aviation, the Glass Box Program for the Falcon 900B is fully realized with the addition of Advanced File Graphics Servers," says Gary Harpster, Duncan Aviation Avionics Sales Representative. "Pilots and owners are now able to see the benefits of Jepp Charts that depict the aircraft position on the Primary Flight Displays. Duncan Aviation’s Glass Box Project has installed this system in over 10% of the domestic fleet of Falcon 900s and we expect that number to grow rapidly - our customers can’t wait to get these capabilities on their panels."

The AFGS interprets complex symbology commands based upon stored databases and generates a vivid pictorial display of the data for the flight crew. The AFGS generates custom graphics and performs high speed processing and high capacity data storage as necessary to support the display of electronic charts and maps and uplinked weather information. The server enables the display of approach charts, terminal maps, Standard Instrument Departure (SIDs) charts, Standard Terminal Arrival (STARs) charts and the map application. The map feature provides a moving map on which uplink weather data is displayed. The AFGS applications are controlled by drop down menu selections shown on the DU-1080 and controlled by the MC-800 multifunction controller.

Duncan Aviation leads the industry in LCD Technology certifications with their Glass Box Project, Duncan Aviation’s focused program to evaluate, install, and certify the best of the emerging "Glass Cockpit" retrofit technologies in select airframes. Other Glass Box Project upgrades include solutions from Honeywell, Rockwell Collins and Universal Avionics products.


Source: Duncan Aviation
Picture provided and copyrighted by Duncan Aviation

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