Diamond Airborne Sensing Sells DA42 MPP Surveillance Aircraft to Niger

The government in Niger recently ordered Diamond Aircraft 42 Multi-Purpose Platforms (MPP) for border surveillance missions to inhibit smuggling and to protect critical infrastructures. The aircraft are equipped with Denel/Zeiss Goshawk cameras incorporating multiple sensors for daylight surveillance and nighttime observation using thermal sensors and a laser range finder. Video, voice and data information collected are transmitted via satellite downlink communication to the ground control station using the SCOTTY SATCOM system integrated in the DA42 MPP.

The SCOTTY SATCOM surveillance system brings the advantage of real-time communication from the air-to-ground and vice versa. This allows for immediate reaction and commands from decision makers sitting on ground in a secure environment which is independent from the aircraft’s location.

According to Christian Dries, CEO of Diamond Aircraft Industries, “The DA42 MPP is very attractive in terms of purchase price and operating costs, which are not comparable with traditional platforms. Instead of one costly aircraft, the customer can afford a fleet of DA42 MPPs to provide dense observation of wide areas.”

We would like to inform you that Diamond Airborne Sensing will exhibit at the ILA airshow in Berlin, Charlet 38/39, May 27th – June 1st 2008.


Source: Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH
Pictures provided and copyrighted by Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH

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