Dassault Falcon announced the launch of ‘EASy Phase II’ at NBAA

(Orlando, Florida, October 5, 2008) – Dassault Falcon announced the launch of ‘EASy Phase II’, a host of enhancements to the award-winning flight deck that will include synthetic vision technology. The synthetic vision system is being developed in conjunction with Honeywell Aerospace and will be offered as an option in new aircraft and as a retrofit in all EASy (Enhanced Avionics System) models. ”When EASy was introduced, it was a revolutionary advancement in cockpit technology and a giant step forward for business aviation,” said John Rosanvallon, President and CEO of Dassault Falcon. “And today EASy continues its development with the addition of synthetic vision that will move today’s most advanced flight deck further ahead into the future.”

The Synthetic Vision System displays a high-resolution three dimensional digital image on both pilots’ primary display units (PDU) during all phases of flight. What the pilot sees through the windshield on a clear day will be displayed on the PDU in a synthesized picture in all flying conditions including terrain data and manmade obstacles. The data is derived from the onboard Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) which enables map displays and alerts pilots if terrain is approaching the aircraft’s intended flight path. The terrain data is continuously updated from user experience encompassing 800 million flight hours.

Synthetic Vision will be offered as an option as part of ‘EASy Phase II,’ to both new and existing EASy operators in the last quarter of 2009 on the Falcon 900EX EASy and Falcon 900DX. It is scheduled to be available for the Falcon 7X, Falcon 2000LX and Falcon 2000DX in mid-2010.

EASy Phase II will include a host of other enhancements designed to increase safety and situational awareness and reduce pilot workload in communications, dispatch and navigation.

Options included in EASy Phase II will be ADS-B Out which provides updates and information to aircraft and controllers allowing more efficient use of airspace, reduced minimums and enhanced safety. It will also include support for RNP SAAR 0.1 which requires aircraft position accuracy to 0.1 nautical miles during RNAV approaches. Dassault will also add RAAS software which improves situational awareness in the runway environment by providing aural advisories to the flight crew during taxi, takeoff, final approach, landing and rollout.

EASy Phase II will also include optional new features such as improved real time XM Graphical Weather; Paperless Charts, Localizer Approach Performance with Vertical guidance approaches (LPV); Future Air Navigation System (FANS 1A) using Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) which allows pilots and air traffic controllers to communicate via a data link system primarily on transoceanic flights.

EASy is built on the Primus Epic avionics platform from Honeywell Aerospace and is designed to create an environment which promotes intuitive flying and increases a pilot’s situational awareness while, at the same time, reducing the pilot’s workload. As primary system architect, Dassault concentrated its efforts on a human-factors philosophy which enabled it to achieve a new type of man-machine interface, an important key to improving situational awareness. Over 225 EASy aircraft have logged 250,000 flight hours.

At NBAA, Dassault Falcon will have three EASy equipped aircraft on Static Display including the new and highly efficient Falcon 900LX (N900EX), Falcon 2000EX (N2000A) and the Falcon 7X (HB-JSC).


Source: Dassault Aviation
Pictures provided and copyrighted by Dassault Aviation

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