DA42 Twin Star - the new standard in flying efficiency

Just in time for Christmas, Diamond Aircraft Industries is pleased to announce EASA certification for 3 important operational extensions of the DA42 Twin Star.

    * Operation with conventional diesel fuel EN 590
    * Increase of MTOW (Max Take-Off Weight) to 1,785 kg (3,927 lbs)
    * Approved flight into forecast or known icing conditions

The advantages:

Beginning immediately the DA42 Twin Star can be flown not only with Jet A1, but also with inexpensive automotive diesel or any mixture of both fuels, leading to extremely economical operation.

The maximum take-off weight has been increased to 1,785 kg (3,927 lbs) , effectively boosting the useful load by 85 kg (187 lbs). This again extends the mission spectrum of the DA42 Twin Star.

The TKS deicing system (ice protection system) is an electrically operated liquid deicing system. Special p orous panels are installed on the leading edges of the wings and horizontal and vertical stabilizers which exude deicing fluid, preventing ice formation. The propellers and the canopy are protected against icing in the same way. A 30 litre (8 gal) tank is installed in the forward luggage compartment, giving an endurance of the system of approx. 2.5 hours.

The pertinent Service Bulletins will be published on our homepage shortly.

The DA42 Twin Star is currently the most economical and most modern twin-engine airplane of its class.

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