Columbia 400 named “Best Certified GA Aircraft of 2005″ by The Aero-News Network

The New Year has dawned bright at Columbia Aircraft. The Company was notified this week that international aviation news service The Aero-News Network (URL: has named its twin-turbocharged Columbia 400 model the “Best Certified GA Aircraft of 2005.”

The Columbia 400 is no stranger to accolades. Robb Report magazine named the 400 “Best of the Best” personal aircraft in its annual issue of the same name last year. The Columbia 400 is the fastest certified, pistonpowered aircraft in production today with a cruise speed of 235 knots (about 270 miles per hour). It can cruise at 25,000 feet and has sufficient range to fly the length of either U.S. coast without stopping.

“This is the year that the Columbia 400 really matured,” said Aero-News Editor-In-Chief Jim Campbell. “Its capabilities are so well integrated into one airframe and the company is backing it up so well that we just couldn’t ignore it. The Columbia 400 really distinguished itself this year and so did the company.”

“We’re honored and flattered that the editors at The Aero-News Network selected the Columbia 400 their Aircraft of the Year,” said Columbia Vice President of Marketing and Sales Randy S. Bolinger. “We know and our customers know that the 400 is the class of the field, but it’s always gratifying to be recognized this way by the experts.”

Columbia Aircraft manufactures a variety of all-composite aircraft including the world’s fastest certified piston aircraft – the Columbia 400. The Columbia 350, 350i, 350SL and 350SLX are normally aspirated, four-place aircraft with a cruise speed of 191 knots. The Columbia 400, 400i, 400SL and 400SLX are intercooled, twinturbocharged, four-place aircraft certified to FL250 with a cruise speed of 235 knots. In addition to providing legendary performance, both models are renowned for their high level of standard equipment, quality and safety features, including dual electrical systems, dual wing spars, spin resistant/spin recovery features and Utility Category certification.

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