Cirrus unveils Jet at Grand Forks Plant: New aircraft could open new employment opportunities at CIRRUS

Duluth, Minn. (7/13/2007) - Cirrus Design Corporation today gave its Grand Forks (ND) employees and distinguished members of the community and state, including ND Governor Hoeven, their first look at "the-jet" – the most anticipated aircraft in the company’s history. "We’re calling it a ‘personal jet’, not because of its size but because it’s a natural extension of our SR22 line," said CIRRUS Co-founder and CEO Alan Klapmeier. "Like the SR22, ‘the-jet’ is designed to be owner flown and it will be loaded with innovative features, including the CIRRUS Airframe Parachute System™. While it’s technologically advanced, it’s designed to be exceptionally easy to fly, offering customers the opportunity to grow into yet another lifestyle change with CIRRUS."

CIRRUS anticipates that many parts for the extraordinary aircraft will be manufactured in Grand Forks. Subject to finding the additional required employees, hiring of engineers and technicians, among others, will take place over the next several months."

North Dakota Governor Hoeven stated, “The Klapmeier family are leaders in the aviation industry, and their concept of the personal jet is yet another outstanding innovation that will move the company forward as a world-class manufacturer of advanced aircraft,” Hoeven said. “We are truly pleased to have them in North Dakota, and look forward to continuing to work closely with them as they grow.”
Klapmeier added, "We are very proud of our remarkable manufacturing team in our Grand Forks complex, and we expect the new aircraft will open up a number of new employment opportunities for people in the Grand Forks area and possibly bring new skilled professionals into the area as well."

To find more about current career opportunities at Cirrus Design’s facility in Grand Forks and its headquarters in Duluth, Minnesota, visit the company’s website at


Source: Cirrus
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