Boeing and AeroLogic Partner to Streamline Carrier’s Maintenance Operations

MADRID, Spain, Sept. 25, 2008 — Boeing [NYSE: BA] announced today at MRO Europe that AeroLogic has adopted the airplane manufacturer’s Web-based solutions, Maintenance Performance Toolbox and Airplane Health Management, as foundations for the carrier’s 777 Freighter maintenance documentation platform when deliveries begin in 2009. Maintenance Performance Toolbox, including the Library and Authoring modules, will help AeroLogic, based in Leipzig/Halle, Germany, streamline an array of maintenance activities, including managing technical publications and training and customizing online maintenance manuals. A total of 14 European carriers now use this innovative maintenance tool. AeroLogic will use Boeing’s Airplane Health Management to monitor its 777 Freighters, giving the airline a real-time fault management tool to identify maintenance needs and communicate with ground teams to enable proactive, planned and timely maintenance operations and address potential issues.

"Boeing has exactly the right tools to help us build a lean, competitive cargo carrier," said AeroLogic Maintenance Director Christian Schmucker. "It is important to bring our customers a service that utilizes the very latest maintenance technology, meeting our ceaseless commitment to reducing our operating costs while improving our productivity and performance."

The combination of Toolbox and AHM provides a complementary ability to enhance productivity in airline maintenance and engineering operations.

"AeroLogic’s strong commitment to efficiently managing its maintenance practices using our latest e-Enabled tools provides a great endorsement of Boeing as a lifecycle solutions partner," said Dan da Silva, vice president of Sales and Marketing for Boeing Commercial Aviation Services.

Toolbox and AHM are key components within Boeing’s evolving portfolio of performance-enhancing solutions for airplane maintenance. Toolbox access is through Boeing’s secure Internet portal, Only an Internet connection, password and computer - a laptop, desktop or pen tablet - are necessary to access the system as a secured, hosted service.

AeroLogic GmbH is jointly owned by DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo AG, with each company holding a 50 percent stake. The airline, which was founded in September 2007, developed from the joint venture set up by the two partners in 2004. AeroLogic’s cargo capacities will be used primarily by DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo. The two partners also will be responsible for sales and warehouse handling.


Source: Boeing
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