Adam Aircraft Defines Innovation with SAFERjett Pilot Training Programs and Simulation

Atlanta, Georgia, September 24, 2007 —— Adam Aircraft announced today its partnership with SAFERjett, an aviation training and education company whose state-of-the-art training facility will be based at Fort Worth Alliance Airport beginning in late 2008. Adam Aircraft will rely on SAFERjett, LLC for all pilot and maintenance training for both the A500 and A700 aircraft. "Adam Aircraft chose SAFERjett because it was founded by aviation professionals with operational experience in developing and implementing complex training programs and they are on the ground floor in creating a center of excellence when it comes to very light jet (VLJ) training," said Adam Aircraft President Duncan Koerbel. "SAFERjett is born and bred for the VLJ market and we’re excited to bring their world-class training techniques for our innovative aircraft to our customers."

(L to R) Adam Aircraft Chairman John Wolf, President Duncan Koerbel and SAFERjett CEO Paul Hinton and Hillwood Executive Matt Byrd


Initially created as a Crew Resource Management (CRM) company, SAFERjett made a company transformation in late 2004 to focus primarily on the VLJ market and has created strategic partnerships to supply a superior training experience to the Adam client:

  • New training facility and infrastructure elements provided by Hillwood Development, a Ross Perot company.
  • Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) and Virtual Flight Deck (VFD) supplied by Aerosim Technologies specializing in the design and development of aviation training tools and equipment.
  • Flight Training Devices including a full motion Level D simulator developed by Mechtronix Systems Inc. designer and manufacturer of full flight simulators.
  • Computer Based Training learning programs created by Pelesys Learning Systems Inc. an E-Learning, multimedia design, and web application development and management company.

Both the A500 and A700 will utilize elements of the FAA/Industry Training Standards (FITS) program, a partnership between FAA, Industry, and Academia designed to enhance general aviation safety, including Learner Centered Grading, Single Pilot Resource Management for owner operators and Crew Resource Management for flight department and fleet operators and Scenario Based Training. SAFERjett is in the process of building the first A700 full motion Level D simulator with Aerosim and Mechtronix which will allow A700 pilots to receive their type rating without flying the actual aircraft. The company’s new 50,000 square foot facility at Alliance Airport will be completed by late 2008.

"SAFERjett has extensive experience in Advanced Qualification Program training that uses proficiency based advancement and a scenario based training theory," said Paul Hinton, SAFERjett CEO. "These elements are critical in providing a realistic, effective training experience that will properly prepare the Adam Aircraft clients for operation in today’s demanding aviation environment."

"This is a long term partnership that will mature and will be a part of the new breed of training. While we may compete on execution with other training companies, we will never compete on the content of the program and we look forward to making history," said Hinton.

SAFERjett provides training, products and consulting across a large section of skill sets to aviation professionals worldwide. SAFERjett has developed leading-edge training solutions for all phases of aviation including course curriculum development, syllabus construction and initial phases of training for the emerging very light jet (VLJ) market. To learn more about our training programs and services, visit www.saferjett.com


Source: Adam Aircraft
Picture provided and copyrighted by Adam Aircraft

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