Your Company Screensaver: the perfect Business Gift


Before reading further, I invite you to download and install Skycontrol’s screensaver as a free gift offered to you. You will not only have an attracting and original screensaver running on your computer… it will also show you what YOUR BUSINESS SCREENSAVER could look like.


Click here to download Skycontrol’s Screensaver

Your screensaver could be your most effective Internet promotional tool!

Screensavers are one of the most downloaded software applications. In addition to this, a screensaver can act as an advertising tool itself: when it shows on the user’s computer, your logo and promotional message shows up. Skycontrol’s professional screensavers may contain images, animations and interactive content. Your own branded screensaver is a logo-identified promotional application, just like a coffee mug, pen, t-shirt… but unlike all these other promotional items, your screensaver is an electronic item for an electronic world.


Every time your screensaver will start running,
your name, logo, pictures and website URL will appear on every image…
Optimal design and integration of your company info guaranteed!

You are present on the Internet?  you should be wondering…

  • How to build customer loyalty?
  • How to increase our online business?
  • How to get more people to our website?
  • How to get them to come back more often?
  • How to get our customers to recommend our website?
  • How to stay in touch with customers on a regular basis?
  • How to have our name, brand and contact information seen every day?
  • How to do all this in a very cost-effective manner?

The answer is simple: with our CUSTOM SCREENSAVER!


Order your own branded screensaver?
We can create your custom screensaver with your own images, logo, etc. We take care to include your company information: visibility and graphic design are our keywords. Your screensaver will be designed to be given away as a free gift from your web site, delivered as an instant download.  It will be provided as a small .exe file you can upload on your server, brand on a CD or email to your customers, family and friends.

You don’t have your own server? No problem, we can host your screensaver without any additional cost.

Once installed, your screensaver will reside permanently on the user’s computer. Everytime the user will come back from a break he will have awareness of your name and brand. In addition, and most importantly, your screensaver can have hotlinks directly to your website!

Display Properties (Windows)

  • The screensaver tab in the Display Properties will show your logo (preview image of 152×112 pixels)
  • The Settings tab will show your 468×60 banner and gives you the opportunity to customize your screensaver. (Image duration, item order, position, selection of wanted effects, mute or apply sounds and/or music, exit conditions, dual monitor support)
  • Your banner can link to your homepage or to any other page of your website
  • The About… tab will show a short description of your Company
  • A Read Me text can be added in the Start Menu

Automatic install of your screensaver
Your screensaver will be installed on C:\Program Files and has the following options available:

  • Item in Add/Remove list
  • Shortcuts in Start Menu
  • Shortcut on desktop
  • Uninstall option in Start Menu

You decide if whether or not you want

  • A link to your website enabled when F1 key is pressed
  • A link to your website enabled when screensaver exits
  • Your banner popup when screensaver exits
  • A text, logo or both displayed on every image

What do we need to create your custom screensaver?

  • Your logo at +/- 1280 pixels wide - 72 DPI
  • Your Company colour (please provide Pantone or RGB references)
  • Your company’s slogan
  • Some pictures at 1280 pixels wide - 72 DPI (please mention the copyright)
  • Your 468×60 banner
  • Your URL to link to
  • A short description of your activities that will be shown in the About…

Still have questions left?
Want to order your Business Gift?
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