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Electric RC airplanes - the best way to get started!

Electric radio controlled rc airplanes provide the easiest and quickest way of getting started in powered radio control model flying, and our affordable prices and availability make them a great attraction to the hobby world. In the last few years, RTF (’Ready To Fly’) electric airplanes such as the 3-channel Accipiter Badius Glider have become very popular models to learn on, either from scratch or as a natural progression up from simpler one channel rc airplanes. Models like these can be ready for flight within minutes of opening the box (not including battery charging time, of course) and they make a great introduction to electric rc flight because of the classic high-wing trainer design and stable flight characteristics.

2-Channel Remote Control R/C Plane RTF KIT
Our huge selections of 2 Channel Planes are great for beginners and those looking for a fun radio controlled rc plane to fly. All of our 2-Channel RC Airplanes below are Ready To Fly Electric Remote Control.  Below are the Best Beginner RC Planes for Beginning Hobbyists!  And if you think 2-Channel is still too advance for yourself, try some of our MICRO-SIZE RC PLANES!  These planes are so small and fun that even kids can fly!  A great way to kick off your RC career!

3-CHANNEL Advanced Radio-Control R/C Plane
Most of our 3-Channel airplanes have successfully trained thousands of newbie radio controlled pilots worldwide. With many of these ready to fly rc airplanes to choose from, you will be flying within minutes of receiving this fully built airplane enjoying an average of 10 minute flight times on a single charge. Most of our 3-channel airplanes are wquipped with a powerful variable speed electric motor that allow the airplane to start with a push of a button, thus allowing the rc aircraft to take-off from the ground. The 3-channel two-stick transmitter allows you to control up down, left-right and power settings and because it’s electric, you can fly where gas airplanes are not allowed. A comprehensive owners manual guides you through step by step to final assembly and pre-flight checks.

4-Channel Expert RC Airplane
If you are looking for ready to fly airplanes for expert, you came to the right section! Our RTF 4-channel aircrafts that will teach the novice pilot how to fly a real 4-channel plane with virtually no building required. Controls are already installed for ailerons, rudder, elevator and proportional throttle. Also included is a 4-channel, FM, 2-stick radio that boasts a super long 2500 foot range.

Mini RC airplanes - great for backyard flying!
Not so long ago, mini rc airplanes would have been "made to measure" by indoor flying enthusiasts using normal indoor model plane kits and modifying them to take the new breed of micro servos, receivers, battery packs and motors. This of course made them rather expensive and a fair knowledge of model airplane building was needed to carry out the necessary modifications. But now RTF (Ready To Fly) mini rc airplanes are commonplace, and at a price that only a couple of micro servos would have cost you just a few years ago.

Pilots all over have been enjoying the styling and excellent flight characteristics of all our warbird planes since we started carrying them, and now you can expect to see more new rc warbirds in stock. The latest warbird plane to come roaring out of RaidenTech’s hangars is none other than one of the most infamous planes ever to be flown by US fighters during WWII, the P-51D Mustang. This P-51D Mustang combines the unsurpassed detail and excellent flight characteristics that RaidenTech is deservedly renowned for, to create a model that looks awesome and flies even better.

ARF Electric Planes
ARF Electric Sailplanes
Radio Controlled Hobby Upgrades + Airplane Spare Parts


ARF RC Gas Airplanes

Other than electric R/C planes, nitro gas radio control rc airplanes make up the biggest sector of the flying hobby.  Hobby enthusiasts able to fly fuel powered rc planes are generally rewarded with a better feeling than electric planes, although they need to be taken a bit more seriously!  In the past, building and flying gas airplanes is a very hard thing.  Not anymore! These days, has made building and flying gas rc airplanes a much easier thing to do than it ever has been in the past.  All of our plane kits are nearly 90% assembled.  It only takes a few hours to complete and you are ready to fly!  If you are new to gas planes, start off with our very special rc trainers! Our price and deals are incomparable by other sellers!  We guarantee the best price on everything in our store, not to mention we will not be outdone in our service and quality!

Gas RC trainers are model airplanes designed to make learning to fly as easy as possible and all trainers have the same basic features, the most noticeable ones being the high wing with noticeable dihedral, which is the term that refers to the upward ‘V’ angle of the wings as viewed from the front of the plane. Gas rc trainer airplanes are generally designed to run on a ‘40′ or ‘46′ size glow plug engine and are typically 3 or 4 channel.  The common channels shared by a 3 or 4 channel model are throttle, elevator and rudder. The optional 4th channel are the ailerons which offer more precise directional control of the model and allow much smoother aerobatics, for when you’ve mastered the basics. Adding the 4th channel does mean having to learn more co-ordination but this isn’t as bad as it sounds and you’ll be surprised how quickly you get used to it! Shown below are our most popular gas rc trainer airplanes.

Scale Models
Twin Engines
15 to 35 Size Engine ARF Planes
40 to 50 Size Engine RC Airplanes
60 to 80 Size Engine RC Planes
Size 90 to 160 Engine Gas Planes


RC Helicopters

Just as for the Airplanes, RaidenTech offers a  large panel of electric, gas and ready-to-fly helicopters. You will find what you’re looking for:

2-Channels RC Helicopters
3-Channel RC Helicopters
4-Channels RC Helicopters
6-Channel RC Helicopters
7-Channel Super Advance RC Helicopters
ARF RC Helicopters
Radio Controlled Hobby Upgrades and Helicopter Spare Parts


R/C Helicopter + Spy Camera Combo Set

The "minicam" all-in-one color video camera is one of the world’s smallest color video cameras with built in transmitter available. Utilizing the latest technology, it’s breaking new ground in aerial video surveillance technology. And now with this minicam, you have the coolest flying machine in the world equipped with a full color video camera! Amazing. The minicam weighs only 1/3 oz. (9 grams) and comes complete with a color camera, transmitter, and receiver. The minicam is a perfect addition to Micro Helis, Larger RC Helis, RC Planes, Cars and many other applications.


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