Pacific Aircraft


Handcrafted Museum Quality Display Models
Hand-carved display models from solid Mahogany



Pacific Aircraft has been producing the world’s finest hand-made military, civilian and airline models since 1988. The high level of workmanship combined with the inherent appeal of the airplane, make these aerosculptures true works of art. You will be proud as you add each new model to your collection.

Our master craftsmen,working from three-dimensional drawings, chip away the excess wood from the kiln-dried block until an airplane amazingly appears. They work their tools with remarkable precision and unusual attention to detail. Several stages of fine sanding, between primer coats, produce a silky smooth finish ready for final painting. Talented artists using ultra-fine brushes, paint the nose art, stripes and markings. We select the aircraft and paint schemes for their historical significance and authenticity. A final coat of clear lacquer provides lasting protection to the exquisite finish.

Pacific Aircraft stocks over 1,000 different models. You will find a superb selection of private aircraft, and airliners, as well as models from the WW I, WW II, Korean, Vietnam and Persian Gulf eras. If the model you want is not on the list, ask us about it. You may choose to display your model on its mahogany based chrome pedestal that is included, or on an optional, variable-pitch wall mount with adjustable settings.


Also Custom Models available on request

The finest hand-carved custom models available - anywhere!

Working from your photographs and our library of aircraft blueprints, our master craftsmen will meticulously recreate your airplane into an amazingly detailed desktop replica. Each model is hand-carved from solid mahogany and completely hand-painted to match your aircraft’s exact variant, paint scheme and registration number. No details will be spared! Pacific Aircraft has been creating the world’s finest hand-made aircraft models for over 17 years.

Your phortograph - Your airplane into an amazing detailed desktop replica


Our quality-control team, comprised of former military and civilian pilots with over 20,000 hours of flying time, oversees the entire production process. Each inspector assures uncompromising standards at each stage, from the moment the chisel first creases the wood, until the beautifully painted model painted model is packed into its foam-fitted shipping case. Our personalized models are the finest available anywhere. We back our confidence with a full money back guarantee, no questions asked.

  • Hand-Carved from Solid Mahogany & Completely Hand-Painted
  • Any Logo can be Carved into the Stand
  • A Brass Plaque with your Personal Inscription Finishes Your Model
  • Any Airplane, Any Paint Scheme, Made Completely to YOUR Specifications
  • Don’t wait! Custom Orders take 90 Days to Complete

Any Airplane • Any Paint Scheme • Made Completely to YOUR Specification






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