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eDimensional was founded way back in 2000 by a group of gamers at heart, dedicated to creating the most realistic gaming and entertainment experience ever. Thanks to the fantastic customers and swift success, eDimensional has grown rapidly and emerged as the leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of cutting-edge gaming accessories. The flagship product, the E-D 3-D Gaming System, was released to critical acclaim. It has since received an unprecedented number of awards and accolades for providing the most realistic PC viewing experience. The patented stereoscopic conversion software is the most robust 3D gaming platform ever created.

Passion for Gaming
Since then eDimensional used his expertise developing compelling virtual reality products and software to launch a complete product line of innovative gaming accessories including intuitive voice control, motion tracking, and interactive headsets. At eDimensional, there is something for every gamer to enjoy and they guarantee your ultimate satisfaction on all of their products.

At Your Service
eDimensional’s notoriety comes not only from their technical ingenuity, but from their exceptional customer service. Their knowledgeable sales and support staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week worldwide to answer any questions you might have. Multinational locations and low shipping rates mean prompt delivery to you wherever you are. Let eDimensional take your gaming to the next level. It’s as real as it gets, guaranteeded!


E-D Wireless Glasses


The most realistic gaming environments ever!
Experience the latest in virtual reality technology with 3D images that float inside and outside of your monitor! Become immersed in unbelievably real 3D gaming, movie, internet, photo, and graphic environments as our patented stereoscopic 3D glasses instantly create a truly 3-dimensional viewing experience with all of your favorite gaming titles. You have to see to believe–thrills guaranteed!

Intuitive depth perception for more accurate height and distance calculation, plus amazing visuals!
The E-D® 3-D glasses instantly convert virtually all of your existing PC video game titles into true 3D. That means a real sense of depth and distance as you’re taking aim at the enemy battalion approaching, trying to find the apex of the next turn, or coming in for a carrier landing in your F-14. It’s why so many customers report improved game play performance when using our glasses in addition to stunning scenery and visuals.

It’s easy to be gaming in 3D.
Installation is a snap with no USB or serial ports required and nothing internal. Just install our patented software one time, plug in our adapter to any standard PC, and we guarantee you’ll experience the best gaming graphics EVER. Using an infrared transmitter for wire-free operation of the glasses, this system provides superior ease-of use. A dual-emitter transmitter is utilized to give the widest viewing angle and range available and is used to beam a signal to perfectly synchronize the refresh rate of your monitor with your glasses. Additional users need only an additional set of eyewear to simultaneously view 3D.

Set yourself free with wireless convenience.
The comfortable, lightweight glasses are durable, attractive and activate automatically when viewing virtually every PC game or amazing 3D photos and movies. The glasses use standard inexpensive lithium cell batteries found at any electronics store and provide 50-100 hours of usage (included). Comes with glasses, video synchronization adapter, infra-red transmitter, and our special software CD to turn your games into amazing 3D. You never have to change your preferred video card drivers to utilize our stereoscopic software and your drivers are not replaced. Just install our separate 3D software one time and add 3D to your existing titles instantly. You’re ready to go in just minutes!


Voice Recognition


The all new Voice Buddy v. 3.0 is the most comprehensive and powerful voice control application for gaming ever created! Take command of virtually all of your favorite PC titles with the sound of your voice. From flight sims to first person shooters, you gain total control over every key command instantly with no setup or training required. Plus get exclusive interactive strategy guides, tips, cheat codes, user guides and more! Only Voice Buddy comes preconfigured with thousands of voice commands that are instantly recognized and executed with precision.

Forget about memorizing then hunting for hundreds of key commands, forever. When a split second could cost you your life, Voice Buddy listens and executes instantly, then tells you your status out loud. That is just the beginning of what your ultimate gaming companion can do for you. Learn how eDimensional has revolutionized voice recognition for gamers.

Imagine talking to your computer and your computer actually talking back!
Utilizing a proprietary new speech engine, Voice Buddy provides much more than simple voice control. Voice Buddy is the first and only gaming voice control system that dynamically interprets your commands with no advanced training or setup required. Not only that, but it actually responds back to you! How did we accomplish this? First, eDimensional works with leading gamers across all genres to develop the most comprehensive and realistic set of voice commands and responses. Professional pilots and flight simmers spent countless hours programming in the precise terminology that is used in the cockpits of real aircraft. Our MMORPG and FPS experts are constantly working on the latest titles and saving you the laborious task of programming game by game from scratch. Because we pre-program the commands directly into our engine, that means you don’t need to spend hours training the program until it understands you. Voice Buddy not only understands you immediately with virtually no training, it is programmed to intelligently learn on the fly, improving itself even as you use it! That certainly doesn’t mean you can’t customize your commands. We give you access to our powerful command administrator which conveniently allows you to modify, add or delete any commands and responses that you want.

Tired of having to reprogram customized key commands just to suit some accessory you purchased? Still left with undefined commands? With Voice Buddy Smart Keys, Voice Buddy automatically learns your customizations and matches it up with the appropriate Voice Command. No user intervention required! Plus, if you have undefined keys, Voice Buddy will assign them so all you need to remember is what it’s called, not what key it is.

No more hunting around for various key combinations in the middle of a melee. No more unrealistic key combinations. Voice Buddy gives you not only a more realistic gaming experience, but actually improves your game play by making it more efficient. However, voice commands are not the only thing that Voice Buddy does. Our exclusive Voice Buddy Interactive Trainer (VBIT) is programmed to answer many of the most common questions you might have during game play in real time, out loud! Want to know how to perform an aircraft carrier landing in your F-14 or what the code is to the locker in the infirmary? Just ask, and Voice Buddy will answer you! With Voice Buddy, you no longer have to stop gaming to refer back to strategy guides, instruction manuals or other documentation. Just kick the tires and light the fires, you’re ready to go!

Our voice recognition programmers are the leaders in their field, authors of numerous books and articles and developers of some of the most advanced speech recognition technologies in the world. That’s what allows Voice Buddy to perform in ways that aren’t even dreamed possible by many standards. You have not experienced true voice control until you’ve tried Voice Buddy.


Motion Tracking
TrackIR 4 Pro Head Tracker with Vector


Move your head and your view instantly responds with the trackIR, the most precise and affordable motion capture gaming system ever designed. Let natural head movement and motion be your guide as you immerse yourself in the game and never lose sight of the enemy.

The TrackIR4 Pro™ is the perfect enhancement for gamers and simmers looking for a competitive edge and an enhanced virtual reality experience. Your situational awareness is dramatically increased. Imagine controlling your field of view in flight simulators, first person shooters, racing sims and many other types of games by simply looking around! Compatible titles include:

  • MS Flight Simulator 2004
  • Lock On: Modern Air Combat
  • IL2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles and Pacific Fighters
  • GTR
  • X-Plane
  • CFS 3
  • WWII Online
  • Live For Speed
  • Falcon 4
  • Nascar Sim Racing
  • Grand Prix Legends
  • Richard Burns Rally
  • Warbirds
  • Star Wars Galaxies®: Jump to Lightspeed™
  • Battle of Britain
  • F1 Challenge
  • and more.

The TrackIR 4:PRO includes full 6DOF capability using NaturalPoint’s exclusive Vector Technology. This literally means that users can move their head any direction and have their game view move correspondingly – instantly providing improved situational awareness in flight and racing sim cockpits, or on the field of battle. Vector allows you to expand your view control to a full range of motion, in all six degrees of freedom (6DOF) including X, Y and Z axis, plus yaw, pitch and roll. No matter how or which direction you move your head, Vector instantly captures it with extreme precision and accuracy.

The TrackIR 4:PRO also has an improved 46 degree field of view. This is a 30% larger tracking and movement area than its predecessor. Other improvements include a quicker response time and increased resolution using NaturalPoint’s Resolution Doubling Technology.

The TrackIR 4:PRO has also been slimmed down to a 1/2" profile, resulting in a lighter, sleeker, more compact design. Its mounting base is now designed to specifically accommodate flat panel monitors.

How does it work?
The trackIR uses infrared light to track your head movements in much the same way as ultra-expensive targeting systems used by the military. As you move your head, the trackIR sends a real-time stream of instructions to your computer via USB to move the mouse pointer or pan your view in game play.

Use your mouse at the same time The trackIR does not interfere with your current mouse in any way. If you want to use the mouse, just start moving it and the trackIR will relinquish control. Stop using your mouse, and the trackIR takes over again. Connects easily via USB.


Force Feedback

The latest E-D innovation! Feel the action with a built-in subwoofer!
Same high quality audio performance, tons more features, amazingly low price!

AudioFX Force Feedback Gaming Headset


Crystal clear stereo sound and so much more! The E-D Audio FX headset is a high quality full-ear unit with a microphone certified for superior voice recognition and noise cancellation. That’s just the beginning. Bass-boosting force feedback built right into the headset gives you the complete immersive experience.

Increased situational awareness with directional sound.
The Audio FX reproduces sound effects to give a sense of three-dimensional space, actually improving your game play! Literally feel your enemy’s footsteps approaching and intensifying or the rumble of engines and explosions with powerful amplified bass vibrations. A special feature of the AudioFX utilizes positional audio, meaning explosions to your right will feel amplified to your right side compared to your left side. Situational awareness is dramatically improved, just read what Techworthy.com/PC Upgrade Magazine had to say:
"For less than $50, the AudioFX Force Feedback offers an innate ability to generate a full environment of peripheral sounds, generating situational awareness as well as crisp, direct sound. That can be an invaluable tool in any game, particularly if some flunkie/zombie/unicorn/linebacker is ready to jump you from behind; you’ll hear him coming thanks to the AudioFX."

HLFallout.net says, "One of the first things I noticed after joining a Counter-Strike: Source game was my newfound ability to track people through walls and objects by legitimate means." Keep in mind that although you may acquire these new skills, using the AudioFX is not cheating.

The human ear cannot hear anything below 20-25Hz but other frequencies can be "felt" as vibrations. If you’ve ever watched movies on a powerful home theater system then you know that bass is often times more a "feeling" than a "hearing" sensation. The Audio FX’s bass amplifier interprets frequencies below 20Hz and transforms them into vibrations that we can feel through the headphone earpiece. Advanced transducers located in the earpieces convert these low frequencies into real vibrations to be felt for the most realistic and immersive sound experience ever.

Get the home theater experience without waking up the neighborhood.
Enjoy PC gaming, music and movies with home theater quality sound and bass, all in your own private listening environment! The AudioFX vibrations do not cause any discomfort or shake your head in any way. You have to experience it for yourself. Once you try the AudioFX, it will be your favorite gaming headset, we guarantee it! The plush cushioning ensures ultimate comfort for hours at a time.

Bonus LEDs
As a bonus feature, the Audio FX has LED level meters that light up on either side so everyone nearby knows that high intensity gaming is taking place. Perfect for showing off at LAN events, it’s like a custom mod in a headset!

The E-D Audio FX is plug & play, connects to any PC and requires no batteries. The unit is fully size-adjustable and fits any head. The in-line controller lets you adjust both volume and vibration with ease. The flexible noise-cancelling microphone is laboratory tested for speech transmission and works perfectly with online chat programs including Teamspeak, Ventrillo, Roger Wilco, plus Skype or other VOIP chat. Requires one USB port for lights and force feedback and is plug and play. Compatible with any Windows or MAC PC.

Frequently asked questions

3D Glasses


What is the difference between wired and wireless glasses?
They function exactly the same, the only difference is how they receive their signal to turn on. The wired glasses access it directly through the wire attached to the glasses. The wireless glasses receive a signal via an infrared transmitter similar to a remote control for a television. You do not lose quality or performance by going with one system over another.

Can I wear the E-D Glasses over prescription glasses?
Certainly. The E-D glasses are adjustable and have enough room between the lens and the eye to comfortably slip them over your prescription eyeglasses. We have had many customers test this out and have said they are surprisingly comfortable.

What games work with the E-D Glasses?
There is no need to purchase special games to work with the E-D Glasses. Virtually all of the games you already own work instantly and automatically by integrating with the free software that come packaged with all our glasses. New games also generally work great when they are first released without having to update your software. Just install our patented software one time and your games and the latest titles will automatically be converted into the format for 3D viewing. You do not sacrifice game performance or quality when using the glasses.

How do I turn my E-D Glasses on and off?
Both wired and wireless E-D Glasses can be turned on and off with the touch of a button, even during game play. You can toggle the effect on and off as you like. Additionally, our new wireless glasses have an on/off button on them. They also turn off automatically when removed from the range of the signal.

Can I use more than one pair at once?
Absolutely. With our wireless E-D Glasses, you simply need to purchase a spare pair of glasses only for $49 and you can have an unlimited amount of glasses working off a single transmitter. For wired glasses, you cannot plug in additional wired units, but can purchase a transmitter and pair of wireless glasses (our wireless upgrade kit) to add more people as necessary.

What type of computer do I need to run the glasses?
You don’t need a specific type of computer (Dell, Compaq, Gateway, HP, etc.), however you must use an external monitor (no laptop screens). You can use any video card and both CRT and LCD monitors with our 3D glasses. Any PC powerful enough to run your games sufficiently is powerful enough to use our glasses.

Will I need to open my computer to install the glasses?
Nope. The setup of the glasses is very simple and requires you to only plug in the glasses to the back of any computer. No extensive computer experience is needed and you do not need any special ports or open USB slots.

Are there any side effects to using the glasses?
We have thoroughly tested the E-D glasses to make sure they conform to various safety standards. We do not recommend the glasses for users prone to epileptic seizures, however, they are perfectly safe for everyday use for hours at a time with no long term side effects. The glasses have various settings that can be adjusted even while in the middle of a game to change the effect to fit your personal preference.

Can I use the E-D Glasses on a LCD monitor?
Yes! We are pleased to offer new support for LCD monitors as well as standard CRT monitors. The new model of glasses work on both. You can also use a laptop, provided you attach an external LCD or CRT monitor. Customers with the earlier CRT-only model will need to purchase the new model in order to support LCD screens.

What type of TV do I need for the VirtualFX?
The VirtualFX requires a standard CRT (tube) television. It is not compatible with projection screens or plasma TVs at this time.

What is the difference between the PC 3D Glasses and the Long Range 3D glasses?
The glasses themselves are identical. We include 2 pairs of wireless glasses with the long-range kit. However the infra-red transmitter is custom-built to allow the glasses to work up to 20 feet away from the transmitter, versus several feet for the regular PC glasses.

Can I use the E-D glasses on my television or projector?
With our new television VirtualFX system and 3D DVD kits, you can watch a variety of titles in real 3D on your standard TV, just like in a 3D movie theater. For our PC systems, we have not tested all projectors, but customers report success with DLP and CRT projectors. In addition, we now offer the DepthQ Stereoscopic projector which is capable of flicker-free full resolution 3D.


Voice Buddy

What is Voice Buddy?
Voice Buddy is the world’s first truly interactive voice recognition gaming companion. Voice Buddy offers much more than speech recognition. Through extensive programming and proprietary speech technology, Voice Buddy is trained to recognize proper commands and execute them with precision, all while providing the user with confirmation and real time relevant game data. Additionally, Voice Buddy includes the new Interactive Training feature which allows the user to receive answers to common game-specific questions in real time without having to pause and consult a help file or manual. With Voice Buddy, the user no longer requires a keyboard or to ever execute a command using an unrealistic key command, only the true voice command as if you were in the actual situation.

Do I need to train Voice Buddy to recognize my voice?
No. Voice Buddy utilizes new speech recognition technologies that allow a vocabulary to be pre-programmed for a virtually training-free experience. However, Voice Buddy does offer a brief custom training application to optimize use if necessary in just minutes.

What titles work with Voice Buddy?
Voice Buddy now offers re-configured profiles for over 60 popular titles in a variety of gaming genres including flight simulation, FPS, RPG, racing sims, and RTS. Many more titles in a variety of genres are under development and are being released on a regular basis. New with Voice Buddy 3.0, you can create your own game profiles for virtually any title easily with our game profile wizard.

Can Voice Buddy be used with other eDimensional products?
Absolutely! We encourage you to add our critically acclaimed E-D glasses and trackIR3 for the ultimate simulation experience. All products work great together. Additionally, Voice Buddy is available and certified for use with our new AudioFX force feedback gaming headset for a reduced price. We also offer special discounts when you purchase multiple items together.

What type of computer do I need to run Voice Buddy?
Voive Buddy will run on any type of PC running Windows XP or 2000. It will work on multiple-monitor or projector configurations, as well as LCD screens. Any PC that can run your current games is more than sufficient to run Voice Buddy. Unfortunately Windows 98 and ME do not support the advanced speech engine that Voice Buddy utilizes.

Can I use my own microphone with Voice Buddy?
Yes. We recommend a high quality microphone with stereo headset that includes noise cancellation and is certified for speech recognition. You cannot use Voice Buddy with a regular desktop microphone, it must be part of a headset for proper performance. Our high-performance AudioFX force feedback headset offers these and many more features as well as a comfortable feel for extended use. This headset is offered at a discount when purchased as part of the Voice Buddy package, or customers can choose to purchase the software alone.

What languages does Voice Buddy understand and does Voice Buddy require a specific language version of the title?
Currently Voice Buddy recognizes only the English language. However, various accents and linguistic variations are supported so you do not need to speak fluent English to use Voice Buddy successfully. Voice Buddy will work just fine with any language version of a game, including German, Japanese, Spanish, French, English, etc.. Voice Buddy only listens to, understands and learns from the commands that are spoken to it in standard English. Voice Buddy "speaks" to the game in computer code. So, it does not matter what language the title uses to communicate with you.

Can I customize Voice Buddy?
YES. Voice Buddy has a powerful Command Administrator with all the tools you need to easily customize any command, add delete or create an entirely new set of voice commands and checklists.

How large are the instant downloads?
Voice Buddy is about 70 MB, so this is typically best to download on a broadband connection. We offer Voice Buddy as a download or you can select to have it shipped to you.



What is the difference between the TrackIR 4 and the older model?
The extremely capable TrackIR 3:PRO set the standard for head tracking, and the best just got even better. The completely redesigned TrackIR 4:PRO delivers an amazingly robust device and the basis for great new heights in the years to come. The TrackIR 4 has a wider field of view for expanded tracking area, plus doubled resolution aned increased response time. The TrackIR 3 supports 6 axis when purchased with Vector, the TrackIR 4 comes with the Vector standard.

How much do I turn my head to move the cursor?
The TrackIR’s camera has a great deal of resolution, so a very small amount of head movement can move the cursor a great deal. You never need to turn your head away from the monitor even to pan a large amount. Less than a quarter inch of head movement can get your cursor across the entire monitor. The exact amount of motion needed is easily adjustable in the software.

If I look at something other than my monitor will the pointer move all over the place?
There are "hot keys" which let you turn pointer/cursor movement On and Off, and recenter it, on the fly. Also, if you’re playing a game in TrackIR Enhanced mode, the game will always remember where you set the center to be!

What is TrackIR Enhanced Mode?
Certain games have been programmed to recognize the TrackIR device and communicate with it directly. In these games, the TrackIR is no longer a mouse emulating device, it is treated as it’s own separate input for that game.

Can I still use my mouse when I need to?
The device does not take exclusive control of the cursor! The TrackIR will relinquish control as soon as it detects that the mouse is moving. (and your mouse never needs to be unplugged, because the TrackIR plugs into your USB port). In fact, the preferred way to play games like MS FlightSim 2004 is to look around your cockpit with the TrackIR and click on all the individual toggles and switches with your mouse.

How does the trackIR work?
TrackIR ™ uses an infra-red(IR) camera to track your head movements. You reflect IR light back to the TrackIR ™, which sends instructions to your computer to move your game view or mouse cursor. Simply move your head in the direction you wish to look and your view changes accordingly.

Which games are currently trackIR enhanced?
Current enhanced titles include : Aces High, Micro Flight, WWII Online, Warbirds 2004, LOCK ON : Modern Air Combat, MS Flight Sim 2004 : A Century Of Flight, IL2 Sturmovik : Forgotten Battles and Pacific Fighters, X-Plane / X-Cockpit, Enemy Engaged : RAH-66 Comanche vs. KA-52 Hokum, Falcon 4.0, Battle of Britain, Grand Prix Legends, Nascar Simracing, Star Wars Galaxies, GTR and many more coming soon!

Can the trackIR be used with the 3D glasses?
Absolutely, they work great together! There is no problem using either the wired or wireless glasses together with the trackIR. We actually recommend them together for the ultimate in realism and situational awareness.

Can the Vector expansion be used on the TrackIR 1 or 2?
No, certain feature enhancements were made with the TrackIR 3 which allow proper functioning with the Vector. TrackIR 1 and 2 models will not support the Vector.

Do you need the Track Hat to use the Vector?
The Vector is designed to fit on to the Track Hat, but you can also use it with a headset such as the AudioFX. There must be some mechanism that holds the Vector in place.


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