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Main Desktop View


The Skycontrol eCalendar & Personal Planner presents a different image every month, just as a conventional wall calendar does, but it offers you far more than that: a full desktop view; daily, weekly, monthly and annual plan-ahead organizers; daily "To Do" reminders; and repeating event notifiers which eliminate forgotten birthdays, anniversaries and other important regular functions.

The Skycontrol eCalendar opens automatically with Windows so that it’s the first program viewed. This means that your eCalendar is at your fingertips at the start of every day.

The Skycontrol eCalendar is perpetual - it does not have to be replaced every year - and neither do your notes, reminders or repeating events, so it becomes more valuable the longer it’s used.

Scroll down to see The "More Info…" page. You’ll also find the program download link.

The Skycontrol "Information" Page

This view shows the Skycontrol  eCalendar’s Information page open. Within this page, the title, as well as selected images, graphics and text are hotlinks to specific parts of the Skycontrol web site.

So, to find some info at the Skycontrol web site - that’s after you’ve checked your calendar to make sure you haven’t missed any important appointments - just open this page and click on "Skycontrol" or wherever the pointer turns into a little hand - that’s a hotlink.

The Skycontrol eCalendar can be downloaded easily directly to your computer’s hard drive. Please feel free to pass copies of the program along to family, friends and colleagues - it’s even small enough to email to someone!

Click here to download the full working program. It’s quite small - about 2 meg in size - that’s a couple of minutes on a dial-up connection, a few seconds on high speed. When the download window appears choose "Open" or "Run" depending on the version of Windows you’re using. The program will download and install automatically. You’ll click "Next" four times, then "Finish". You’ll find a new icon on your desktop screen from which the Skycontrol  eCalendar can be started.

Once you’ve downloaded the program, please click here to let us know you have it - that will allow us to notify you of any changes or updates to the eCalendar, but your email address won’t be used for anything else, or given to anyone else.

We hope you’ll enjoy using this gift from Skycontrol - if so, please spread the word!

Alain Thimmesch
Editor & Publisher
Skycontrol International Aviation & Aerospace News Magazine

We respect your privacy. The DATEwise eCalendar contains no "spyware" whatsoever;
no information is transmitted to or from the eCalendar, nor is a "cookie" placed on your system.


A note from DTES Inc., producer of the Skycontrol eCalendar:
Downloading material from our site is perfectly safe.
We have been delivering our products by this method since 1996.
However, if security is still a concern, you may contact us by clicking here.


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