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AirNav Systems provides software for real time flight tracking and monitoring. Professoinals can track any or all aircraft in their fleet. Home users can monitor arriving and departing traffic from any location. Use AirNav flight tracking software for more than 5000 flights, shown in real-time with details including position, altitude, aircraft type, origin/destination airports and times, speed, heading and more. AirNav makes flight tracking simple.


1. AirNav FS Live Traffic

MyTraffic, awarded for the third time as best AI traffic add on for the Microsoft Flight Simulator by more than 9000 voters of the Simflight award, brings the most complete, yet working and frame rate friendly AI traffic into your flight simulator.

These two best of the best now came together to develop FS Live Traffic.

What is it about? No longer your traffic will follow the published schedules of airlines, as first generation AI traffic products did, or optimized schedules for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 world, as MyTraffic does - now you will jump into the traffic as it is in real world - your simulation will initiate one minute before you fire up Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.

Every canceled flight, every delay, every extra flight will show up, live instead of records. Sounds complicated? Not at all. You just start a small program that fetches the necessary data from AirNav Systems servers and starts a converter that creates a traffic scenery file - once this is done you start Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. No longer you waste your time with optimizing traffic - you are live.

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2. AirNav Suite

Welcome to the most powerful Flight Tracking and Monitoring application available for the aviation enthusiast.

AirNav Suite 4 is the most recent programming technology applied to Aircraft Tracking. Using this Software the task of tracking aircraft is made easier.

By being able to receive data from 4 different data sources, AirNav Suite 4 will not only work but will also show you in an easy and organized way flight data and track flights with position data. It will even show you photos of the received aircraft.




3. AirNav ACARS Decoder

AirNav ACARS Decoder 2.1 is by far the world’s most successful ACARS Decoder currently available. With years of experience, AirNav Systems developed a product with extreme performance (almost no messages received are lost), and with all the features an aviation enthusiast needs.

Stop using expensive and complex ACARS decoders that require hardware. Stop using amateur lack of performance and difficult to set up ACARS decoding software.

You just need a source of ACARS messages (an airband receiver or an internet connection). That’s all. You will start receiving real aviation messages, sent from real world airliners, in real-time.

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4. AirNav Selcal Decoder

AirNav Selcal Decoder enables you to decode in real-time Aviation HF Selcal transmissions.

It only needs an HF airband receiver and your Sound Card. No special PC based hardware needed. Just connect your radio to your PC Sound Card using a simple audio cable.

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5. AirNav Live Flight Tracker
Graphical Flight Tracker for Aviation Enthusiasts

Are you an aviation enthusiast? Have you ever wondered if it is possible to find a graphical flight tracker to track real-time flights over the United States, Canada and other regions of the world with just an Internet connection? Well, it is possible, and affordable too, with our flight tracker of real time flights software packages.

Our live flight tracker software can track any flight, to and from any airport, within the United States and Canada. It is the most powerful flight tracking application available on the market today and is used by over twenty thousand users. Totally developed for the home user, AirNav Live Flight Tracker is something aviation enthusiasts have been waiting many years to possess and you can download the software and try it for free.


AirNav Live Flight Tracker (Silver):
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 AirNav Live Flight Tracker (Enterprise - Monthly Subscription):

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 AirNav Live Flight Tracker (Gold):

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 AirNav Live Flight Tracker (Professional - One Year):

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 AirNav Live Flight Tracker (Platinum):

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 AirNav Live Flight Tracker (Professional - Monthly Subscription:

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