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Are you a pilot? A novice flier? An Aviation buff? A Flight Sim nut?  Maybe you are none of those things but you love someone who is and you are looking for the perfect gift?  Sick of going down to the airport and not finding what you are looking for? Or do you just want to have a look around and see what you can buy? Well, unfasten your seat belt: your search is over!  We will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Right here! Right now! And at the right price!

Skycontrol’s Aviation Shop is a comprehensive store for aviation products. It features dozens of new gift ideas for the avid aviation enthusiast. We have many new products to tempt you or to help you find the perfect gift for a friend or relative.

All products are selected on their quality and we guarantee the seriousness of the companies behind those products. Browse or search through our online store and discover the companies Skycontrol has selected for you and which present a wide range of their best products!

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Your Custom EasyNoter
The perfect Business Gift

Computer age created a need for some more sophisticated promotional tools. With Software Promotional Gifts (AdApps, Advertising Applications or Software AdSpecialties) you can put a logo on users desktop at the same time giving them something of far greater value then a mug or a bag. EasyNoter is a fully functional software solution for everyday problems.


Your Custom Screensaver
The perfect Business Gift

Your screensaver could be your most effective promotional tool! Screensavers are one of the most downloaded software applications. In addition to this, a screensaver can act as an advertising tool itself: when it shows on the user’s computer, your logo and promotional message shows up. Skycontrol’s professional screensavers may contain images, animations and interactive content.


Your Custom eCalendar & Personal Planner
The perfect Business Gift

The Skycontrol eCalendar & Personal Planner eCalendar, Internet’s most effective marketing tool… it is designed to be given away as a free gift from your web site - delivered as an instant download. Once installed, it resides permanently on the user’s computer screen. It opens automatically every time the computer is turned on - that’s at least 365 times a year per eCalendar download!


Pacific Aircraft
Handcrafted Museum Quality Display Models

Pacific Aircraft has been producing the world’s finest hand-made military, civilian and airline models since 1988. The high level of  workmanship combined with the inherent appeal of the airplane, make these aerosculptures true works of art. You will be proud as you add each new model to your collection.



3D, Voice Recognition, Motion Tracking, Force Feedback

No matter what type of games you play, if you demand the most realistic gaming experience eDimensional will deliver, guaranteed. Discover what thousands of gamers already have: gameplay will improve dramatically when you upgrade to revolutionary E-D peripherals.



Online Poster Store

The greatest online poster store. Find targeted Aviation Posters like Airplane Interiors, Bi-Planes, Classic Airplanes, Fighter Jets, Military Planes, Passenger Jets, Propeller Aircraft, Seaplanes, Small Aircraft, Aviation Artists, Helicopters, Space Shuttles, Balloons and Blimps.



Online Books, DVDs, Software and much more store
The greatest online store. Are you looking for a specific aviation related book, DVD or software? Amazon’s powerful search tool is just a click away!




AirNav Systems
The market leader for Flight Tracking Software.

AirNav Systems provides software for real time flight tracking and monitoring. Professoinals can track any or all aircraft in their fleet. Home users can monitor arriving and departing traffic from any location.




KTOOLS - Professional Photo software
Photographers, sell your photos online using PhotoStore.

PhotoStore is a professional, user friendly, web based software package that enables you to publish and sell your photographs, images, artwork, prints and products online. PhotoStore was created specifically for photographers to easily sell their photos online. With its advanced features it can also be used to run stock photo type sites.



OAG - Global Travel and Transport Information Company
Free Trial one of OAG’s Products or Services!

OAG offers three core activities:
• managing and distributing information within the passenger
  and cargo aviation sectors
• providing travel information to business travellers
• providing advertising and promotion opportunities for the aviation
  and travel communities.



Premier importer of the finest toys and gifts from around the world

Thousands of products in stock. We carry some of the best Remote Controlled RC Airplanes, Electric RC Airplanes, Airplane Scale Models, ARF Warbirds, RC Helicopters, Remote Controlled Tanks, RC Robots, Nitro Gas Cars, Flying Saucers, RC UFO Saucers, Radio Control Boats, RC Submarines, Gas RC Cars, Gas RC Trucks, Gas RC Airplanes, Electric RC Helicopters, Airsoft Guns, RC Tanks, RC Boats…and more!  Secure online shopping site and all orders will be shipped fast and easy.





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