Swissport reports remarkable market successes for Ground Handling activities in Cyprus and Cargo Services in London

Zurich, October 1st, 2007 – Swissport International, the world’s leading provider of ground handling services to the aviation sector, is very happy to announce that Cyprus Airways has accepted the Swissport/GAP-Vassilopoulos proposal for the provision of handling services at the two Airports Larnaca and Paphos. Furthermore, Swissport UK has won the account of Singapore Airlines to provide Cargo Services at London-Heathrow effective January 1st, 2008. Swissport is very pleased to report two important and positive developments from Ground Handling and Cargo divisions.

Cyprus Airways has carefully examined various proposals (coming from consortia of international and local companies) to enter into a joint-venture agreement in order to provide the whole range of aviation services at its two most important Airports. Swissport-GAP has been selected as partner and (together with Cyprus Airways) will now join forces to apply for the ramp licence at Larnaca and Paphos with the intention to offer full ground handling services to Cyprus Airways and other Airlines.

Christos Christopoulos, Director of Swissport-GAP Cyprus, is delighted about this important decision: “With this strong partnership we are confident to obtain the official licences by the end of 2007, allowing us to start up the operational businesses in spring 2008. Indeed a promising outlook for the steadily growing Cyprus Aviation Market”.

Cargo heavy weight Singapore Airlines has selected Swissport
Singapore Airlines, one of the most prestigious and successful Airline customers has given notice to Swissport’s Cargo organisation in London-Heathrow to re-join the global leader of aviation services, effective January 1st, 2008. The assumed annual volume of this cooperation is over 36’000 tons and can be considered as an important strategic move. This will increase the total throughput at London Heathrow by some 25%. Swissport UK is currently able to offer a 15’000sqm Cargo operation with an additional 5’000sqm having direct ramp access. Swissport’s Heath White, Vice-President and Head Cargo Europe, is very pleased about this decision: “We made a large decision to expand upon our facilities and invest sizeable into a new infrastructure including new equipment and ramp access. This will put us firmly in a leading position in London on quality, customer care and operational capability. That Singapore Airlines returns to us is of highest strategic value and they have also given us their complete distribution in the UK, what we appreciate very much.”


Source: Swissport
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