Four More Airlines to Commence Operations at Changi Airport Terminal 3 from 26 March 2008

From 26 March 2008, passengers of China Eastern Airlines, Jet Airways, Qatar Airways and United Airlines will depart from and arrive at Singapore Changi Airport’s new Terminal 3 which opened for operations on 9 January 2008.  These four carriers, which are currently operating from Terminal 1, will join Singapore Airlines in operating from Terminal 3.  The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) is facilitating the airlines’ shift by conducting trials to prepare the airlines for operations at Terminal 3.  Mr Lim Kim Choon, CAAS Director-General and Chief Executive Officer, said, "CAAS is working hand-in-hand with our airline partners to facilitate their shift from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 to ensure that all aspects of their operations are carried out smoothly.  Their operations at Terminal 3 will enable us to optimise the capacity and facilities of the terminals at Changi Airport.  With this shift, their passengers will get to enjoy a refreshing Changi experience as they make use of the facilities and services of the new Terminal 3."

The four airlines are undergoing integrated airport system trials involving passenger check-in, baggage handling, staff familiarisation and "live" commercial trial flights to test the actual passenger departure and arrival processes.  The objective of these trials, which have been carried out since February 2008, is to ensure that the airlines establish, integrate and test their systems and procedures in a live-like environment ahead of their shift to Terminal 3.  The trials also provide opportunities for the airlines’ staff to familiarise themselves with the new terminal. 

CAAS is also putting in place measures to communicate the impending  commencement of operations by these four airlines at Terminal 3.  These include the updating of airport directories and signs within the terminal buildings as well as dissemination of circulars and vehicle decals to ground transport service providers such as coach and taxi drivers to generate awareness

Passengers and airport visitors can visit Changi Airport’s website for more details.  Passengers can also check for flight information conveniently while on the move via their mobile phones or personal digital devices at  This wireless application protocol (WAP) complements the flight information sources already in place, such as Teletext (a text based television flight information service), Changi Airport’s toll-free telephone flight enquiry system number 1800-5424422 as well as the airport website and flight information televisions within the terminals mentioned above. 

China Eastern Airlines, Jet Airways, Qatar Airways and United Airlines operate a total of 148 weekly flights from Singapore to 12 cities viz. Shanghai, Kunming, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Doha, Jakarta, Atlanta, Chicago, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Washington DC. 


Source: Singapore Changi Airport
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