Budapest Airport to invest 3.5 million euros in new passenger security system

Budapest Airport (BA) purchased new, state-of-the-art X-ray machines, magnetic gates and other passenger screening equipment for more than 3 and a half million euros (nearly 900 million forints). The airport company already commenced the operation of the equipment serving Terminal 1 earlier this week.  BA will use the devices to completely replace the passenger screening systems used on the departure levels of all three terminals. After the comprehensive testing by the Authorities, out of the 12 hand baggage screening devices, three will operate at Terminal 1, five at Terminal 2A and four at Terminal 2B. The X-ray machines are the latest models of the airport specialist company, Smiths Heimann. The machines work on the same principal as the computer tomography showing the contents of the baggage being screened from two different angles thus nothing can escape the observation of the passenger screening guard, not even objects that overlap. Explosives can be precisely defined by means of a computer-generated determination of the relative atomic weight and the density of the materials contained in the piece of carry-on baggage inspected.

After a software development the machines will be able to recognize liquid explosives, and they can screen laptops without being separated from the laptop case. However a permit form the European Union will be needed before the introduction of the latter technique.

The new security lane serving the X-ray machines will also be renewed at Terminal 2; BA will install nine new, 13.5-meters long channels. These will be able to handle more passengers at the same time, and use modern technology to separate “suspicious” hand baggage from “clean” ones.

Besides the belts, separated cubicles will also be fitted behind the security gates, so that passengers’ clothing can be searched quickly and discretely – if needed. Additionally this monitoring system will speed up the security processes because the separated passengers won’t block the line. Apart from the technical novelties the airport operator is also expanding its security staff by 100 passengers screening agents to a total of 350 by the end of May.

Jost Lammers, the CEO of Budapest Airport said: „Security is a top priority at the airport, but we would also like our passengers to have great experience about their time at Budapest Airport. With this investment we will reach the two goals at the same time, because the security of the airport will increase as well as the comfort for our passengers going through the necessary security procedures. We bought the state-of-the-art equipment for the new terminal building, the SkyCourt, but we decided to put them into use already now before the summertime peak.”

Source: Budapest Airport
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