Athens International Airport: GreenBuilding Award for saving energy

Athens International Airport was honoured with the GreenBuilding Award 2008, a significant European distinction within the framework of the voluntary GreenBuilding programme initiated by European Commission, in recognition of its remarkable energy saving performance of its facilities and buildings (lower power consumption for air-conditioning, ventilation, lighting). The objective of GreenBuilding is to raise awareness and stimulate energy efficiency investments in non-residential buildings. European Commission awarded Athens International Airport for its exemplary energy saving figures reflected in the two previous years: In 2006 AIA saved 3,750 MWh (-9% compared to 2005 figures) and 2,921 MWh in 2007 (-4,7% compared with the 2006 consumption), notwithstanding the considerable increase in passenger traffic during the respective period. In terms of CO2 emissions, the reduction was 3,560 tones in 2006 and 2,775 tones in 2007.

Participation in the GreenBuilding programme requires strong commitment to energy saving targets and hence reduction of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Athens International Airport, implementing energy saving measures already since 2003, joined European Commission’s GreenBuilding programme in 2006, showing its dedication to contribute significantly to environmental protection.

The award was presented at this year’s Light+Building trade show in Frankfurt during a special ceremony on April 10th.


Source: Athens International Airport
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