78.7 million passengers in 2005: Aéroports de Paris Group registers the highest growth rate among European major airports

Aéroports de Paris handled a record number of passengers in 2005: 78.7 millions travellers went through Paris-Orly and Paris-Charles de Gaulle airports, an increase of 4.4% against 2004. These results place Aéroports de Paris ahead of major European airports in terms of growth.

The number of aircraft movements is quasi stable at 736,000 against 2004 (+0.2%) with an evolution of -0.5% at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and +1.9% at Paris-Orly. These figures show a steady increase in carriage capacity (113 passengers/flight in 2005 against 108 in 2004) and in passenger load factor (73% in 2005 against 70% in 2004).

"The increase in passenger number reflects the attractiveness of our Parisian airports which is established on unique strengths: an exceptional geographical location in Europe, a powerful hub associated with one of Europe’s major economic areas, a matchless capacity to develop airport facilities… It also shows the necessity to invest in new terminals and new airport equipments. Aéroports de Paris plans to invest more than 2.5 billion euros over the next 5 years. It is the best guarantee of competitiveness for our clients", stated Pierre Graff Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aéroports de Paris.

Traffic figures by geographic area

International traffic greatly contributed to the dynamism of both airports in 2005. Globally, European traffic rose by 4.2%. The 10 new European Union members’ traffic increased by 10.8% and Schengen traffic reached a 4.3% growth.
On the other international routes, traffic increased by 8.8% with a high traffic recovery for North Africa, the Middle East and North America.
Domestic traffic remained stable (+0.3% for passenger traffic and -0.8% for aircraft movements).

Traffic figures by airport
The rise in passenger traffic was generated by an increase of 5% at Paris-Charles de Gaulle and a growth of 3.4% at Paris-Orly.
Paris-Le Bourget airport also reported an activity growth in 2005 with 54,467 aircraft movements (+1.4%).

Cargo activity increased by 7.2% as compared to 2004 with 1,860,600 tonnes of freight handled. Thanks to this robust growth, Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport is able to maintain its rank among major cargo airports in Europe.

Source: Aéroport de Paris

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