3 new Sterling routes from Brussels

Sterling Airlines, the Danish low-cost airline, celebrates the launch of its first flights from Brussels airport to Scandinavia with fares from 35EUR*! Book tickets and much more at www.sterling.eu . Sterling Airlines has been offering three new destinations for the Belgian customers since the 26th of October: three new destinations from Brussels Airport to Copenhagen in Denmark, Stockholm in Sweden and Oslo in Norway. Sterling’s special offer has flights from 35EUR* one-way all inclusive to suit best its Belgium customers.

Miss Carole Arnaud-Battandier, International Marketing Manager for Sterling Airlines, says: “Sterling Airlines has growing number of customers in Europe. Our winter schedule highlights this development with the opening of 25 new routes. In Belgium, Sterling has already started its new operations from Brussels Airport. Discover the breathtaking cities of Denmark, Sweden and Norway, and their present magical Christmas atmosphere, for shopping, business or leisure.”

  • Brussels-Copenhagen: 6 x weekly (all days but not Saturdays)
    Boeing 737-500 of 126 seats, except Sunday with a 148 737-700
  • Brussels-Stockholm: 4 x weekly (Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday)
    Boeing 737-700 of 148 seats
  • Brussels-Oslo: 4 x weekly (Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday)
    Boeing 737-700 of 148 seats

Miss Carole Arnaud-Battandier adds: “Sterling Airlines expects to carry more than 150.000 passengers from all our Brussels’ routes for the year to come. Fly to Denmark, Norway and Sweden with Sterling Airlines and check all our sparkling fares on our web site at www.sterling.eu. You are sure to find gorgeous Sterling destinations to choose from on sterling.eu, as all is there to suit best our Business & Leisure customers. For your next short city break, or Christmas presents, discover the magical Realms of Scandinavia.”

It is now simple for you and your loved ones to discover the new horizons of Northern Europe. Danish customers are amongst the world’s most demanding. That is why they have voted us best low-cost carrier. Now it is your turn to experience our sterling services.

With Sterling Airlines’ good punctuality and major airports, you do not waste your time on travel; you also spend less on air fares and get more money to pamper yourself and your loved ones. Book quickly flights, hotel, car hire, attractions and much more at www.sterling.eu! And remember that you can also see interesting tourism info too.

*fare from, one-way, all incl., subject to availability, according to terms and conditions

Sterling Airlines is the first low-cost in Denmark, operating both charter and scheduled flights. The company has a fleet of 25 aircraft of the types Boeing 737-800, -700 and -500. Sterling Airlines is based in Copenhagen and is part of Northern Travel Holding. Both in 2005 and 2006 Sterling Airlines was awarded "Best Low-cost Carrier" at the Danish Travel Award by the Danish consumers.


DAY 1 3 5 7
NB 664 Leave Brussels at 19.35, arrives in Oslo at 21.35
NB 663 Leaves Oslo at 17.00, arrives in Brussels at 19.00
Except day 7 (Sunday) which is:
Leaves Brussels at 16.00, arrives in Oslo at 18.00
Leaves Oslo at 13.25 arrives in Brussels at 15.25

DAY 1 3 5 7
NB 758 Leaves Brussels at 18.45, arrives in Stockholm at 20.55
NB 757 Leaves Stockholm at 16.05, arrives in Brussels at 18.15
day 3:
Leaves Brussels at 17.30, arrives in Stockholm at 19.40
Leaves Stockholm at 14.50, arrives in Brussels at 17.00
day 7 (Sunday) which is:
Leaves Brussels at 20.35, arrives in Stockholm at 22.45
Leaves Stockholm at 17.55, arrives in Brussels at 20.05


DAY 1 2 3 4 5 7
NB 558 Leaves Brussels at 21.00, arrives in Copenhagen at 22.40
NB 557 Leaves Copenhagen at 18.50, arrives in Brussels at 20.20


Source: Brussels Airport
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