Tiger Airways will keep Australians flying at low fares: Airline to seek international air access for its Australian based aircraft

Singapore – 6 June 2008. Tiger Airways is waiting with bated breath to pounce on the routes suffering under higher fares, or simply abandoned by, Virgin Blue and Qantas/Jetstar. The duopoly airlines in Australia are blaming the price of fuel as the reason they are increasing fares, cutting routes and reducing service, when really they should be having a long hard look in the mirror. While fuel price is an issue for all airlines, it is the airlines that have lacked discipline to keep costs low that are going to hurt the most during times of increasing fuel prices. Speaking today, Tiger Airways CEO, Tony Davis said: “The price of fuel is the canary in the mine that has simply highlighted the lack of cost discipline of our competitors. Tiger Airways is clearly now the undisputed low fare leader in Australia and we are determined to give even more Australians access to genuine low fares.

Whilst other airlines are busy increasing fuel surcharges, cutting routes and scrambling to reduce wasteful expenditure, Tiger is busy, simply providing the lowest fares and best value for money across Australia. We are also keen to use our Australian based aircraft and crews to mount international services to fill the gaps left by Qantas/Jetstar as soon as we can convince the Australian government to allow Tiger Airways Australia access to these routes.

Do yourself a favour Australia– don’t pay for the mistakes of the other airlines. Come to www.tigerairways.com for the lowest of low fares, all the time. Tiger airways will soon be taking delivery of additional aircraft, both A320 and A319’s, and will be ready to pounce.


Source: Tiger Airways
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