The Success Of Turkish Airlines In Flight Safety Confirmed Once Again

THY has successfully completed the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) Program. IOSA is the safety global standard for airline operational safety management.  THY is the first “IOSA Operator” in Turkey.

Turkish Airlines successfully completed the “IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA)” and was entered on the IOSA registry ( IOSA is the first worldwide standard in the area of airline safety, developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The IATA Operational  Safety Audit (IOSA) Program is an internationally recognized and accepted evaluation system. IOSA assess the operational safety management and control systems of an airline. THY has been preparing itself for this program since May 2005.  It successfully met all the audits requirements and became the first IOSA operator in Turkey.

Following its successful performance in the audits, the IOSA Operator Certificate was presented to the THY General Manager of Turkish Airlines Associate Professor Temel Kotil, by the Director General and CEO of IATA Giovanni Bisignani, during a joint press conference held in Istanbul, with the participation of the Minister of Transportation, Mr. Binali Yıldırım. 

Through  the receipt of the “IOSA Operator” Certificate, issued by the IATA and acknowledged by the authorities of airline industry on a worldwide basis, THY has once again proven its success in  the area of operational safety.

The IOSA  has been developed through the joint cooperation of the leading national and international civil aviation authorities, such as ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), FAA (USA Civil Aviation Authority), CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia), Transport Canada (Civil Aviation Authority of Canada), JAA/EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency), and to date, 98 airline companies  have passed the audits and were entitled to become IOSA Operators.

According to the IOSA Program,  all IATA member airlines are required to pass the audit program by no later than December 31st, 2007. IOSA audits the performance of airlines based on various criteria such as “joint organization and management, flight operations, engineering and maintenance, operational control and flight dispatch, ground management, cargo, cabin services, operational safety”.

THY General Manager Associate Professor Temel Kotil made the following statement during the press conference:

“Being fully aware of its status and its responsibilities as the flag carrier of Turkey, Turkish Airlines considers flight safety and service quality as two integral aspects in the success of its operations.  The Turkish Airlines,  who has always given the top priority to flight safety, has initiated the process of becoming included within the IOSA Program, which introduces the standard of high Operational Safety Level among the IATA member airlines, and has successfully passed from the audits applied by the independent audit organization. 

Turkish Airlines, which is continuously growing every day, has the unique honor of becoming the first airline in Turkey who has successfully completed the IOSA audit.  Our partnership is ready to share the efforts that it has exerted and the experience that it has achieved in this area, with the other airlines operating in Turkey”.


Source: Turkish Airlines
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