OEM Services To Provide Emirates Airline With Aircraft Component Support Services For Its A380 Fleet

DUBAI, U.A.E., 13th November 2007 – Emirates Airline and OEMServices have signed a 15-year co-operation agreement, securing the total support services of Diehl Aerospace, Liebherr-Aerospace, Thales and Zodiac for aircraft components fitted to Emirates’ fleet of Airbus A380 aircraft. Under this agreement, OEMServices will be Emirates’ single point of contact for the supply of components and maintenance services for about 650 different rotable, repairable and expendable aircraft components. Emirates will grant OEMServices exclusive access to its A380 component repair business, while OEMServices will guarantee just in time availability from its pool of A380 components to Emirates at its main base and its outstations - which reduces the need for Emirates to keep a large A380 inventory of its own.

The supply of components and maintenance services will be provided by OEMServices’ founding partners: Diehl Aerospace, Liebherr-Aerospace, Thales and Zodiac (acting through IN-Services). HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, Emirates’ Chairman and Chief Executive, and Jean-Noel Barrere, President of OEMServices, formalized the multi-million dollar contract at the 10th Dubai Airshow.

Sheikh Ahmed said: “Emirates will have the largest A380 fleet in the industry, with 58 firm orders for this aircraft. The contract we are signing with OEMServices is an optimal arrangement that ensures the supply of components and maintenance services for Emirates’ A380 fleet in Dubai and around the world. We are confident that OEMServices has the expertise and commitment to deliver the results for Emirates, and we look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”

Jean-Noel Barrere, President of OEMServices: “OEMServices and its founding partners are very proud of being selected by Emirates to provide a tailor-made full support solution for its A380 fleet.

“By harmonizing the relevant processes and logistics and building on the strength, resources and assets provided by our partners Diehl Aerospace, Liebherr-Aerospace, Thales and Zodiac, OEMServices provides a superior customized solution which meets Emirates’ A380 support expectation. Our next challenge will be to expand our partnership with other OEMs so we may enhance our A380 product and services.”

About OEMServices:

OEMServices is a joint venture company created by Diehl Aerospace, Liebherr-Aerospace, Thales and Zodiac, ahead of the Airbus A380’s entry into commercial service. It aims to provide airlines with a single interface for aircraft component maintenance including door-to-door logistics.

About Emirates:

Dubai-based Emirates is one of the most successful airlines in the world. When the airline started services on 25th October 1985, its fledgling fleet comprised just two leased aircraft. Today, 111 wide-body aircraft criss-cross the earth to 97 destinations in 61 countries and six continents. Emirates has excelled through innovation and the boundless energy of its 30,000 staff, representing the best talent recruited from over 120 countries around the world. At the 2007 Dubai Airshow, Emirates made civil aviation history by placing the largest-ever order of aircraft, valued at US$34.9billion. This included 120 Airbus A350s, 11 Airbus A380s, and 12 Boeing 777-300ERs. Emirates is the largest A380 customer with 58 firm orders.

Source: Bell Pottinger Business & Brand
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