New Gulf Air Chief Starts Rebuilding

In his first week as Gulf Air’s new President and Chief Executive, Andre Dose has begun the task of rebuilding the airline.  Mr Dose has been meeting staff and telling them that the process of rebuilding Gulf Air had begun. He gave his comments against the background of the company’s contribution to the Kingdom.  ‘Gulf Air accounts for 70% of Bahrain International Airport’s traffic and we contribute US$770 million to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) every year. As a result, Gulf Air is part and parcel of the nation’s future,’ said Mr Dose.

‘We have ambitious plans for Gulf Air, but these will not be realised if we only make cosmetic changes to the way we do business.
‘This is a large and complex business: we serve over seven million customers each year and we operate modern aircraft worth milllions of Dinars. There are no quick fixes and, if we are to serve our customers well, we must start to make the necessary changes now.
‘Those changes must start at the top of the business.
‘The existing organisational structure has 13 direct reports to the President and Chief Executive. It is simply not possible to manage that efficiently, therefore I have decided to reduce the number of direct reports to me.
‘As a result, Vice President (VP) Finance Ahmed Al Hammadi, VP Services Tariq Sultan and VP Business Units Ali Murtada, will be leaving the company shortly.’
The Gulf Air Board of Directors Deputy Chairman Mahmood Al Kooheji thanked the outgoing VPs for their contributions to the company over the years and wished them well in the future.
Mr Dose commented ‘these changes will allow me to drive the necessary reforms more efficiently and to allow our management to focus on our customers, ensuring that they get the recognition they deserve.
‘Gulf Air has a magnificent heritage and, as I meet our staff, it is evident that we have the expertise and dedication we need to continue that legacy,’ he concluded.
Meanwhile, Mr Al Kooheji stressed the importance of Gulf Air as an integral part in the economy of the Kingdom.
‘It directly contributes an annual US$246 million to the country’s national economy, employs more than 5,000 staff and helps create more than 3,600 indirect jobs in Bahrain,’ he said.
‘It should also be noted that, if no remedial action is taken, the financial situation of the company will keep deteriorating.
‘Consequently, there is a clear political guidance to implement the reforms in the Gulf Air by developing a comprehensive reform plan for the company which will be implemented by Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company (BMHC) through its representing members in the Gulf Air Board of Directors.’


Source: Gulf Air
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