Iberia begins move to new Terminal 4 at Madrid Airport

On February 5th,  the new Terminal 4 at the Madrid-Barajas airport becomes operational. After nearly three years working on the planning, coordination and development of the transition to the new terminal building, Iberia now starts the countdown that will end with its move from Terminals 1, 2, and 3 to the new building.

Indeed, this week some offices have already been moved, such as those of Iberia’s Sales Division, Passenger Data Account department and the Lost Objects depot of the Passenger Assistance Unit, the Means and Procedures Warehouse and the unions offices, work safety offices, as well as the social worker’s office.

From January 23rd to 29th, it will be the turn of the Passenger Planning, Administration and Control unit (PAC), and the rest of the Barajas Sub-management unit. Also to be moved in this period will be the training classrooms and other internal offices.

The week of January 30th to February 5th, has been reserved for the offices and teams pertaining to the Puente Aéreo Madrid-Barcelona air shuttle service (the office of the Unit Manager, the briefing room, the PDA’s, etc.) and the Passenger and Boarding Assistance Units.

On February 4th, there still remain some major moves: at midday the handling teams will begin their move, and that night nearly 40 aircraft will be moved to be ready to operate from T4 as of 06:45 h. on February 5th.

Thus Iberia expects to adhere to the schedule of a move affecting 9 Divisions and more than 8,000 employees of the company. It is a major move which, in addition to the aircraft, will involve 600 handling equipment units, 800 luggage trolleys, 60 maintenance and engineering equipment units, 284 PCs and more than 6,000 filing cabinets, which will be taken to their new sites in the 200 rooms reserved for Iberia in the new T4 terminal.

Source: Iberia Airlines
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